Top Features On IPhone

4 years ago

The emergence of iPhone has shook the world of electronic devices especially with its smart features on iPhone series. IPhone, a smart phone made by Apple, combines the features and technology of computer, digital camera, iPod and cellular phone into one smart device. The demand of iPhone continue to rise since it's introduction in the tech market, due to its uniqueness and outstanding iOS system develop by Apple alone. It functions differently than android software system and is keen in protecting users privacy with its iOS security system.

iOS 13s Best New Features

The iOS 13, an operating system was introduced in September 2019 by Apple for their iPhone, HomePod lines, and iPod touch. It came along with many new features and updated versions of the old iOS version. The iOS 13s best new features include;

  1. Location privacy protection
  2. Dark Mode
  3. Siri new voice and updates
  4. Better Face Recognition
  5. Airpods Sharing
  6. Improve Silent Mode
  7. Large App support
  8. Better maps street view
  9. Sign in with Apple
  10. Advanced Video and Photo Editing

Best Overall Features Of iPhone

The invention of iPhone has made a huge success in the smartphone industry, with its amazing features which are unique from other smartphones and the originality that prevails within the iPhone devices. iPhone features differs from each models of iPhone. iPhone has more than 10 models with updated features in every higher model developed. Therefore, it is hard to pinpoint the best features of its overall models, but they do have some common features, being a part of one sole company i.e. Apple. Let's take a tour at some of the best iPhone features developed by Apple.

1. High definition Camera quality

2. Thin and light in weight

3. Top privacy protection to its users.

4. Detailed Map Directions

5. Face/Finger Recognition

6. iTunes Music

7. iCloud Storage

8. Smooth Touchscreen

9. Siri Voice Assistance

10. Apple Store for Downloading iOS Apps

11. Colourful OLED Screen

12. Overall Performance Faster and Reliable

13. Better Storage

The above list of iPhone features vary with its different models introduced according to the updates with its higher versions. The higher model the device, the better, more features are added with more updates on camera quality, sound, maps and much more.

iPhone's Best Tips and Tricks

With every iOS update from Apple, one can find a whole host of subtle changes and updates, improvements and shortcuts features which Apple doesn't talk about and people aren't aware of. So here are some iPhone's best tricks and tips for its users.

1. Expand your calculator by simply opening the calculator app and turn phone to landscape mode, and all new options hidden will be visible.

2. Use Offline Google maps while travelling without data or wifi by simply going to Google map while having net, tap chosen location then select the menu icon at the top left corner, and choose the "Download offline map".

3. Charge your phone faster by simple switching your iPhone to airplane mode and plug it in.

4. Use your iPhone for virtual tape measuring with apple's measure app.

Frequently Asked Questions

A scandalous question whether iOS is better than Android is a serious debate. Both software programs offers different features and benefits and can't be really compared since they were build to function in different types of devices. However, in terms of security and privacy protection, iOS is preferred over Android.

The iPhone being a very adventurous updated smartphone in all ways is set to introduce new updates versions of iOS in the future and beyond the iOS 13.