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Are you looking for some suitable IT jobs? Then you are in the exact place. Amid this lockdown crisis, the IT sector is expanding its hegemon in almost all area. we can blindly say that our future will precisely hinge on the IT sector. Now we can list out some Job that is related to the IT sector.


Now most companies are moving away from the slope front-end and back end development teams πŸ‘₯ which mean they need developers who can handle all levels of application development. Full-stack developers tend to fill in all these criteria and they are one of the most demanded jobs. That is there hosted by the companies. As we get data from indeed .maybe full-stack developers are not expert in all of the skills. But you have some good πŸ‘ working knowledge on some key principles of development. Companies like Arts lab IIBM sap labs and pay pal are hiring jobs for this profile.


Database developers are accountable for managing the database infrastructure of a firm. As well as creates New database servers. Which leads to an increase of 24 percent of jobs in the job market in next five years. These professionals are assigned with establishing systems based on front-end user wants manipulating SQL code. So you need your resource to have experience with database-related Technologies and programming languages .Companies such as Morgan, Stanley, tech Mahindra, oracle and informatics are hiring hordes of database developers.


This is one of the most demanded jobs in today’s industry. Scrum master that shares experiences encourage collaboration as well as introduce engineering practices in an organization. He or she acts as a coach with team development. In partnership with a product owner. Companies like visa, standard chartered, siemens and informatics offering this job


Now everybody is trying to optimize the business and daily practice to automate their day to day life using AI and machine learning. There is an increase in demand in professionals in the field of AI and mL.AI is set to create 2.3 million new jobs in the year 2020 .for this job you want a heavy knowledge about math, python coding etc. companies like evil eye, capgemini ,google and bosh.


Now security πŸ”“ is a major concern for companies and consumers alike. Given our connected world. Now this priority on administrative insurance has led to an improvement in the quantity of jobs for cybersecurity professionals. Knowledge of Network operating systems as well as monitoring and encryption tools along with information on risk management are a few prerequisites for this job profile. Companies such as GE , Visa and Huawei are readily hiring these professionals .


This one job profile has an excellent out look. The number of jobs have grown from 300,000 to twenty seven hundred thousand in the year 2020 alone. For this job you should be a business analyst , you need to have a certain amount of expertise in database related technologies and data analysis. Along with experience with reporting tools. Many organizations also want to hire workers who can use their abilities to understand the unique data needs of the company. Companies like informative, Flipkart, Deloitte and Schneider Electric are hiring employees for this kind of job.


The number of web developers in the world is roughly around 23 million. Skills required coding, designing, building websites and using programming languages such as C sharp , C+, HTML and JavaScript. You also need to understand the front end users requirements and recommend changes to the web and mobile application for this .Top notch companies like Dell, adventure, TCS and wipro.

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Bachelor in computer science, bachelor of science in computer engineering .You can also pursue Masters degree, such as Mtech , MCA and Msc in computers.