Top 5 Websites To Watch Cricket Matches For Free LIVE

2 years ago

The modern era has been able to provide us with various comforts. All of these have been possible because of the various demands and needs of the people. Faster internet and various technological advancements have helped us in improving social connectivity. It has also changed the entertainment modes in our lives. Now we have various television channels along with various online websites that give us the comfort of enjoying our favourite games in good quality pictures right in our homes.

Today, let us have a look at some of the free websites that provide us with the opportunity to watch live cricket free of cost.


It is the most preferable website if you love cricket the most in your life. On this website, you will be able to find the active links to the ongoing matches. On the homepage itself, all the links are visible. There are various links for each match as it ensures the continuity of entertainment for us. All the matches are streamed in good quality. The website will leave no stones unturned to entertain you with its wide variety and quality of service.


This website has an advantage. It offers various options to watch many different kinds of sports. There is also an option to watch live cricket free of cost. The page for cricket is the homepage of the website as the name suggests. You will find all the links for all the live matches. This website will stream all the matches in HD quality as the name suggests. You can freely enjoy the sports like F1, football, tennis, and many more without any extra cost.


It is another gem on this list. This website provides you with the option to watch all the live matches free of cost right from your couch. There is also an option to watch other sports also. There are links for all the matches which stream video in good quality. But you can watch IPL live, free of cost. It is one of the most lightweight websites on the has a very simple and easy to use interface. It will be easy for the users to navigate to the desired category of sports.


This website will provide you with the option to watch any live cricket match from all around the world. On this website, you will have to create an account to take advantage of its services. It covers all the local as well as global events. This website is extremely useful for cricket lovers. Most importantly the website is extremely helpful when any popular local tournament is not broadcasted in any other part of the world. In this case, the person can enjoy live cricket streaming, free of cost. So the person belonging to that place of the popular tournament can enjoy the matches from anywhere in the world. All of this is at no extra investment.

Time 4TV

It is one of the most useful websites on the list. It has various sections apart from sports. There are sections for new channels and several other major channels from all around the world. This website will show you even the schedule of various sports. The schedule for various channels is also available. But there are advertisements during the live events. But apart from this annoyance of ads, this website is extremely useful. Even in the case of IPL, watch online free of cost. It is a gift for cricket lovers. The videos are streamed in excellent quality.

So these are some of the best websites where one can watch cricket matches live for free. These websites may be blocked in your area so proceed with caution. Some of these websites will probably require a VPN for access. All of these websites offer good content of excellent quality. There may be some advertisements from the broadcaster side also. But rest assured that these websites will run uninterrupted. The quality of the video will also depend on your preferred video quality settings on the website and even your bandwidth. But at no extra cost, you can watch live cricket without any kind of travelling.

There are some more reasons which can hamper your game-watching experience. There can also be situations where the video is being streamed at a lower quality from the broadcasting station itself. Even in such cases, video streaming can get hampered. There can also be issues of bad weather at times. This can also be a reason for your bad streaming quality. But in the end, at least you will be able to have an option to watch a match online without spending a single cent on the match tickets. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy your favourite sport at no extra cost.

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