4 years ago

Behold, sci-fi lovers cause this list is all about AR features in episodes of your favorite series. Augmented Reality in simple words are touching and feeling the virtual world as a real world. I was thinking about doing a movies list but those movies are way too famous. I would like to show you these amazing episodes which are hidden within your web pages. I'll try not giving out any spoiler alerts.


I would give this whole series the last number. The Feed is a British dystopian thriller which explores the ethical and moral dimensions of augmented reality as well as technology as a whole. A brain implant which allows people to share thoughts but when it falls into wrong hands. Here the humanity linked inextricably with technology. This script had many kind of similarities to Black Mirror (another sci-fi show which will be in this list). The Feed is based upon the the same name of a novel written by Nick Clark Windo.

It is currently streaming on amazon prime only in the UK.


Hello K-drama fans. This series is South Korean romantic drama which was released on 25th September of this year. Writer and director Oh Ki-Hwan sets this series in the near future where most of the population use a virtual dating app "Love Virtually" to meet one up. This is done by using both augmented reality and virtual reality. A couple falls in love in the virtual world but when the app crashes they are unable to have the experience and decides to meet up . But the problem is they don't look like their virtual selves and that creates even more drama. There is no online viewership unless its pirated.

3.Evil: Rose390

Evil is a seasonally spooky drama. But this episode with the augmented reality subplot presents a terrifying moment what begins as a kiddish horror AR and VR experience turns into another level of psychotic and demonic episode which features a demonic boy and pedophile trying to manipulate the kids. It is an amazing show which remarks with dark material and drama with excellent dark stories. This amazon prime video is present only in the United States.

2. Black Mirror : Men against Fire

In this episode is all about high- tech warfare and have eugenics company decide upon the death of several people. The soldier Stripe has a implant embedded into him called MASS which with the help of augmented reality shows all the humans as seen as zombies with roaches head so as to kill those people who have less desirable gene pool. Which ultimately gives them an advantage over killing those roaches. Here his implant will get damaged resulting in seeing those zombies as humans and thereof trying to protect them. Currently available in Netflix and Amazon prime.

1.Black Mirror:PLAYTEST

Back again with another Black Mirror episode. This show is highlighting all the technological warfare and crimes going over, so it is no issue that they would have at least two episodes of augmented reality. Here the protagonist Cooper travels all over the world and tries to help a video game company by being a test subject for AR. In the end in usual Black mirror ending we could see himself try to differentiate between the actual and the virtual world as being used as a test subject. The highlight of this episode is the way we can easily start be manipulated in believing something that does not exist. In retro to augmented reality can it really be useful to someone without hurting others is the point of this episode.

Can be viewed in amazon prime and Netflix.