Top 5 best alternative for SHAREIt app

4 years ago

In a recent time, 59 Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government. This includes not just video-sharing app but it also includes few daily utility apps. Two of these apps were SHAREIt and Xender which were used for fast sharing of files offline.

So, today I have got some of the best alternative for SHAREIt app and I think this list will be very much helpful to you.

1). Files by google

Files by google is a file management app for file browsing, media consumption, storage clean-up and offline file transfer. This app was launched in 2017 as Files Go and along with the file sharing features, it helps in managing and browsing your files and clean up cache files. The app is available in 90 languages and currently only on the Android platform.


Superbeam is pretty similar to banned Chinese app SHAREIt. Superbeam also uses WiFi Direct to transfer files to other devices.

This app aims to take advantage of a range of wireless technologies to juggle files between Android phones. The heavy lifting is done over Wifi or Wifi Direct, with an NFC connection or QR code being used to get things going.

First , both devices must be running the SuperBeam app. Next, select the file you want to send -- either in the gallery app, or a file manager Astro or OI -- and choose SuperBeam. The app will then ask you if the device you're sending to is on the same network. If so, it'll send your bits over that network; if not, a Wifi Direct connection will eventually be established between the two.

It is available on both operating systems, iOS and android.


JioSwitch also lets you share files with other devices offline. You can transfer files cross-platform as well. It transfers without using mobile cellular data, upto maximum of 20 MB/sec using moblie Hot-Spot.

One of the reasons for it is that it does not show adds and lets you transfer files at high speed. This app has an excellent review rating on google playstore i.e. 4.7 star rating.


ShareAll lets you share files via WiFi File transfer instead of Bluetooth. You can enable secure file sharing with password protection.

It also has Junk file and Junk photo cleaner which will help to clean up junk files, cache and duplicate files.It is only available for android users.

5).Send Anywhere

The Send Anywhere app also lets its users share files using Wi-Fi direct. It helps in transfering file type without altering the original file. You need a one-time 6 digit key for an easy file tranfer.

There is another dimension to the Send Anywhere App as it uses 256-bit reinforced file encryption for enhanced security .

You can even create links so that you can copy-paste the link on social media and messaging platforms allowing users to receive files easily. The app is available on both android and iOS.

And I think these apps are the best alternatives for the SHAREIt app and will help you to choose out the best file sharing application for your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jioswitch is a very good alternative for SHAREIt. It's best part is that it doesnot contain adds and it has a very fast file transfer speed upto 20MB/sec.