Top 10 Websites To Download Cracked Apps For Android/iOS

2 years ago

We all are fond of our smartphones and tablets. But more than that we all are engaged with the apps which we can install in them.

But it is not possible for all of us to pay for the costly apps. So there is an option to install cracked apps from the internet. Now. Let’s have a look at some of the best websites where we can download cracked apps for android.

Apk Pure

It is one of the best websites where one can find almost all kinds of cracked apps. This website has been active for quite a long time now. Cracked apps are popular for quite some time. So due to the huge demand, this website has a very good UI. The description for each and every app is also elaborate. There is also the option of commenting on each app.

Blackmart Alpha

It has a huge repository of apps. You will be able to find any particular app which you wish to install on your device. All the apps available on this website are cracked. The big advantage is that you will be able to find various versions for the desired apps. So the issue of an app is not supported is not present. You can simply download and install the app of your wish. It is one of the best websites for the best-cracked apps.


It is one of the most popular websites where one can find all kinds of cracked apps. The apps are stored in a cloud server so you will probably have to download them using VPN. The links are changed every day as the servers are blocked regularly. But the website is able to keep up its offering of various apps.


It is one of the old-time favourites. It has been able to successfully provide the cracked versions of many apps. The apps are also regularly updated with the latest versions. So if your app doesn’t work, then just download the new version and you are all set to go. It is one of the best sites to download paid android apps for free.


It is one of the finest as it provides the functionality of having an app for download. The app works similarly to the play store. It even updates the app through the app store. So if you download any app from it then that can be updated to the latest version very easily.

Now here is a list of some of the websites which provide cracked apps for iOS users free of cost.


it is one of the top websites for app lovers. It has the advantage of having its own app store. App store you can install from their website. It is one of the best sites to get the best-cracked apps. The website has the required steps for installing the app store. Once installed you can enjoy the paid apps without investing anything. They even have a forum where you can provide feedback for the apps. You can even request new apps on the forum.

iOS Ninja

On this website, you can easily download the cracked apps. The cracked apps are provided through the app store of the website. The apps can be used without any jailbreak step or technique. The apps can be comfortably used without any issue on every iOS device.


It is also a third-party hosting app store for apple. It is one of the top sites to get the best-cracked apps. The apps available here are cracked. So you won’t be paying any money for the installation of the app the apps are easily installable. There is also no requirement for the jailbreak process for the installation of any app. The website of this app store will also provide you with the steps to install the app. The apps available are of all types like paid cracked and free ones.


It is another one of the most widely popular websites for iOS users. It provides apps of every kind that is paid, cracked and free. It is one of the best sites for iOS users to download paid apps for free. It provides all the apps for free and through the app store of its own. There is also no need for the complex steps of jailbreak. It is more or less similar to other names present in our list. But the real advantage is the simple UI which the app store provides. The app store and the apps can be installed on the iOS device without any hassle.


It is one of the unique websites on the list. The unique point is that it provides cracked apps for both and android as well as iOS. It is one of the websites where you can easily find the desired cracked apps for free. It is completely free of any kind of subscription or other charges. So you can simply download and enjoy the apps from this website on either an Android device or an iOS device.

So these are some of the best websites which can provide all your favourite and dream apps free of cost. Whether you are an android user or an iOS user, the results will be fruitful. Just access any one of these websites and enjoy the benefits. But some of these will need you to carefully follow the steps for app installation. No need to worry here as the steps are provided and they are easy to follow. This list will now hopefully solve your problem of finding the cracked apps for free. So hurry now and visit these sites today to have the advantage of installing the latest paid apps for free and showing them off to your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

The websites or even third-party app store do provide the steps involved on installing the cracked apps without much effort.

The websites/apps mentioned in this article will provide you with the desired apps apk cost free.

There are various website and third-party app stores that can provide you with the paid apps free android apk.

Installing cracked apps is not advised. But if you are doing so then the apps are not free forever. Any particular update or even a simple google search can ruin the enjoyment.