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Science fiction (sci-fi) movies have been dominating the industry for quite a long time even the highest grossing film is sci-fi itself. Its advance edge technology, striking visual effects throw us quite to an edge. Alien worlds, Unbelievable technological powers, huge destruction levels, vastness of universe , everything that exists in imagination is shown with the help of Advanced technology. Sci-fi movies are indeed fascinating and are loved by all they are a good escape from day to day chaos. 2020-2021 is full of sci-fi movies.

Here are some top picks out of sci-fi movies that are going to be released soon or in near future-


Paul W.S. Anderson’s Monster Hunter is based on 2018 best selling video Game Series Monster Hunter . 

The lead role (Artemis) is played by Milla Jovovich who is greatly known for playing Alice in Resident evil series. She along with her devoted soldiers are sent to a different world where they come face to face with gigantic monsters , their fight for survival results in an intense war. 

Monster hunter is getting released on 30 December, 2020.


Shawn Levy's Free guy staring Ryan Reynolds (our Deadpool) 

Is going to drop on 11December,2020. Its primarily an comedy action film which centers around a common bank worker Guy (Ryan) who is sick of bad guys who come to rob the band later on he discovers he is a background player in a video Game he resolves to become the hero and rescript his character in the story and tries to save the world. It's full of virtual effects and comedy. seems like an entertaining movie. 


Continuing the legacy of Ghostbusters this is the third installment in the series starring Finn wolf hard. This is a supernatural comedy drama When the family of previous Ghostbusters arrive in a small town they start to Discover their relation with the legacy their grandfather left afterwards. The movie will drop out in March 2020.


The story of Morbius revolves around Micheal Morbius a Scientist with rare blood Disease while finding cure of his Disease he converts himself into a Vampire who is not prone to any Vampire weakness. The story is about his struggle with his new powers. 

It's Based on marvel's comic Morbius, the living Vampire by Roy Thomas Gill Kane. The movie will drop out in March 2020.


Marvel studio is back with our favourite Avenger Black Widow . This time we will See Black widow battling with a conspiracy from her past. She is on the run from the force that is willing to catch her at any cost. The movie follows the events of Captain America : Civil War that came out. Be ready to watch Scarlett Johansson fighting in her favourite role . It's going to drop out on May 2021.


The most awaited battle between two gigantic monsters Godzilla and king kong in sci-fi world is Finally coming out in may 21 , 2020

A common sequel of Godzilla and king kong . It's the fourth installment in the monster series. The combat between these virtual giants with some tech is worth watching. 


Previously known as Venom 2 is a sequel to Venom 2018 .This movie will focus on the relationship of a symbiote and human. This time the Villain is going to be Cletus Kasady the most famous host of CARNAGE symbiote. This horror comedy is indeed going to be very entertaining. The movie is scheduled to come out in June 2021.


It is Based on the novel Dune by Frank Herbert of 1965. It revolves around a desert planet Arrakis also known as Dune which is the home of the most precious substance known as "the Spice" is a Drug that has an enormous power of superhuman level like faster Travel than light. Leto Atreides (Timothee Chalamat) comes to know about a threat on this Drug and decides to go there with his family to prevent any threat to the substance by fermen( currently native of Dune). This movie seems interesting to watch and is expected to drop out in october, 2021.


This movie by Marvel studio is expected to be the 26th film of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Its story is set after Avengers: Endgame 2019.Now the Eternals have re-united to save Earth from a coming threat. It Stars Angelina Jolie , Richard Madden , Salma Hayek etc. It is expected to drop out in November, 2021.


Last but the most incredible is the sequel of Avatar 2009. After more than 10 years James Cameron has Finally started with the sequel. But still it is going to take a long time to come out. It is expected to release in December 2022.

Almost after 3 years from now but being the most anticipated and highest grossing film's sequel it's worth the wait. 

It will continue with the storyline of Avatar and we will get to See more clear cut technology in it. It will have Underwater performance capture scenes which require new advancement in technology . In it the main leads are forced to leave their place and explore Pandora (their planet)more. This was the list of most awaited sci-fi movies . 


Sci-fi films exactly amaze us they enhance our thinking and stimulate our interest towards technology. Keep watching.