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Most of the people like to watch movies in their leisure time. Their is a huge amount of genres like thriller, horror, sci-fi etc. Movies are the hubs of imagination. While watching the movie we also cobble off with the theme and the protagonist. In this article we can search for some gripping tech movies .which will definitely stretch out you in a different world. Common, let’s go to an another realm of advanced technologies and thrilling plots (without any spoilers).Especially all movies are available in Netflix just enjoy!!🥳


This is a Spielberg movie 🎦 which is released on 2002.This is a must watch sci-fi movie. This is an underappreciated movie envisioning a future where crime can be foretold before it arises. That is likely a very useful stuff. But slowly that good literally changes to bad. The movie is provocative, fascinating, tense and incredibly watchable. Who knows if it’s possible in 2054!.spielbergs direction is strong as usual. The visuals are exciting and special effects are terrific. But what makes this movie really take off are the performances .Everyone in the cast made an exceptional feat. But we should specially say the presentation style of tom cruise, Colin Farrell, M.Smortin and Max con sydow. This is a must watch movie every one should see this film at least once in your lifetime.


The matrix is one of the most defining films of the early 2000s .The action scenes nail it so hard that no other action films can match it on this day!. The story is based on the plot “are we living in a stimulation? I think it is the first film that stepping on this kind of story. Turns out humanity ‘s been enslaved by it’s own Artificial Intelligence. It portrays a dystopia future in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a stimulated reality called “The Matrix”, created by sentient machines to subdue the human population , while their bodies heat and electrical activity are used as energy source. If this truth will be find out by any one? Then what will happen if the truth comes under the cover? .For finding out watch full movie and enjoy.


EX Machina is an excellent film and story , with the final third full of plot holes. In general it accomplishes what it sets out to achieve .Every scenes hold tension, which expertly builds up to the end. The AI premise invite guess on how the plot will play out, and the movies stays one or more step ahead all the times. The performances leave nothing to be desired .The visuals are layered in artistic beauty and metaphor, complemented by spicy dialogue .The only fault is it falls apart due to plot holes. Nevertheless I admire the message and overall take if the film.


Ever heard “Time is money”. Well watching in Time gave an extraordinary experience of how the concept of currency works in future ones we achieve technology which stops us from aging after 25 years. And you should buy time for surviving the world. What happens then?? only rich people will be survived and poor will be pathetically ends their life. Do something exceptionally happens to that world ?How the others will survive for all watch this movie 🎦 and enjoy!!!.

5. 12 monkeys🙈 🙉🙊

Time travel are always going to be messy , but 12 monkeys , for it’s complicated plot , manages to execute it very well. A fresh take on the idea makes it surprisingly more believable. And the plot twists are genuinely earned; each shocking revelation .So when you find out new information that redirects the plot, It works as clever screen writing and as not as Deus exmachinas. Suspense is thoroughly built and maintained. The pacing is almost perfect .just sit back and enjoy!


This movie is prophetic in a way It shows the future to hold a new kind of discrimination. Do we dare to dream everyday despite our short comings? If we show ourselves for who we truly are will be accepted accepted? If we are made perfect , will we simply accept it? These are some of the questions raised by Gattaca. You will love how the future is shown as being more akin to the past .Truly wonderful and unforgettable performances by Uma , Ethan Hawke and judelaw. The overall yellow tinge of the movie gives one the definite sense of being in a dream .watch and enjoy the full essence of the movie.


This movie is one of the greatest movie ever made on time travel .The most fascinating thing about it is just as typical Hollywood movie .It keeps guessing about the ending .Many questions arise in the mind at the end. Another thing that the movie does not have a big plot. We see the same 8 minutes over and over again but the incidents happening are a little bit different from the previous that too is so smartly done. In this movie an appreciable director brilliance is glossing over 1hr 33m time. Just enjoy this film.


Are you wondering what the greatest movie feasible !one of the answer was, i, robot. It is one of the best scientific fiction movie ever. The movie encompasses every thing that a normal viewer wants in a film. Super star Will Smith done his best, as detective Spooner a robot hating homicide detective stuck in a robot world. Spooner's cynicism towards robots intoxicates his investigation. The movie includes well placed action sequences and ground breaking computer animation. The story is classic and time tested. It includes a totally cool and not weird bromance. 


Time crimes Is a wonderful movie, It was made under low budget, a reduced crew and few settings. It's combines sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and action. Our hero find he is entangled in a time continuum that keeps worsening as he tries to seize solution to the original problem that has really started. Messing with the time continuum always has dire consequences, and This film is a perfect example. This is available on Netflix .


This film is amazing. It is a perfect way to start of the MCU (and is made even better because of Endgame). The cast is amazing and you get the sense that everyone is trying there absolute best because they need this film to be good. I love how Tony Stark starts of as a guy that is no where near a hero to ending the film as one. The film is surprisingly brutal and the use of Terrorist in the film gives it a sense of realism and real brutality that other films lack no matter how great they are. The comedy is so funny and is something that hasn’t left the franchise. Over all fantastic film not the best but one of them. Enjoy the film throughout in Netflix.

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