TOP 10 mobile games for android

4 years ago

Top 10 mobile games for Android

 Are you looking for top mobile games to play in Android? Then this is the right place. In the backdrop of covid-19 crisis gaming is one of the most reinforced field. Due to lockdown. people shrunken inside the four wall of their houses. The loneliness and boredom felt by each individual made a spurt in gaming field. Solo games were rejected and all were. Looking for multiplayer games. Gaming that done with ongoing voice call make the game more engaging. Yes, multiplayer games are now grappling our youth. Before PUBG get banned it was the most popular game in India.Now a question remains after PUBG which game will fill the position lets search for the answer. 


According to the new trends among us getting more popularity among among us have rating 4.5 in Google Play store. It a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal. We can play with up to 10 people at a time. Among them two will be imposter and given task to kill another member in spaceship.The duty of crewmates to find out the imposter and do some task. There will be vote and messages within the crewmates to find out the imposter.The game is very funny and gripping. The imposter can use sabotage to cause chaos , for easier kills and better alibis.The game version is 20 20. 9.9. Last updated on September 10 2020. There were Hundred million plus downloads. 


It is a pure shooter game. It designed exclusively for mobile phones. It is developed by Ti MI studios and published by activation and Garena for android and iOS it was released on October 1 2019 it got several award like game of the year, BAFTA games award for EE mobile. The game require 1.5 GB.The users are saying it is one of the best graphically proved game. It have 4.5 rating in google playstore


It is one of the top listed game. It have both single player and multiplayer game it is developed and published by f i n n i s h game developer supercell. The game was released for iOS platform for August 2 2012 and on Google Play for Android on on October 7 2013.This game can be played by building many resource collectors and storage units as possible. Know your resource cycle, don’t let your opponent spawn inside your village and don’t work against your shield. Yes get ready for a fascinating experience.


Is one of the best free Android game. It will get pretty tactical and complex with the higher level of play. Before you enter a match you create a deck of units that you want to use. Then you enter to a 1v1 competition against another player .About 4.5 star rating,besides it is after palystore game as other ones. Clash Royale game developed and published by supercell. It includes the genres like tower defense ,multiplayer online battle arena, collectible card game. Obviously it come under the best 10 Android games.


Garena free fire is one of the most downloaded games for android .It can be freely downloaded from palystore .It is a complete battle game we can choose our character according to our priority of interest. This game have best graphics. The last update done on17 September 2020.The download size is 617 M.B.Now people seeking the substitute of PUBG in free fire.


Temple run is an Android game for free download. It is one of the best phone games and most popular Android game it is available in different versions like Temple run 2,Temple jungle prince run etc. It have a rating from 4.2_4.3.The angry and furious beast will chase us all over the way and also we should pass the obstacles without being killed. The game was last updated on 25 March 2020.Download size 76.25 MB


It is one of the best games downloaded in Google store and a best game for android phone.The game features build your own kingdom,utilize troop formation , multiplayer,animated battles e.t.c.last updated on 14 September 2020. Download size is 283 MB.This contains only mild violence. It is also a popular Android game .It have a 4.2 rating. 


It is one of the best games for Android phones. It comes under top 10 free games for android. Jake is the protagonist of this game .It is very tricky and fresh( a kind of escape game).we should escape from the grumpy inspector. Last updated on18 September 2020.The download size is 104 MB


This is a puzzle game. It is one of the free games for Android .we get bonus throughout the game to achieve our target.our target become different according to the levels .This will be an exiting game for those love simple games without any violence’s.It have 4.6 rating in Google play store. The last update of the game is 23 September 2020.Its download size 64.39 MB.


As a multiplayer game it got a wide acceptance in lock down days. It is an online game for Android. It is a best casual dice game. Can be played between friends and family. Voice chat is available for this game. Last updated on 8 August 2020 download size is 50.33MB.Ludo have different names in different countries.

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