Top 10 features of IOS 14

2 years ago

Apple has always been a top choice by most people. Few of the reasons include good usability, safe and secure, their consistency of upgrading the current tech and keeping in the mind and cater their customer’s needs. Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. It provides a range of products like like iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook Pro, etc. Here are some best features of IOS 14.

1)   App Library

·     The App Library is a new space at the end of your Home Screen pages that automatically organizes all of your apps into one simple, easy‑to‑navigate view.

·     Hide Home Screen pages

·     The App Library shows suggested apps you’re likely to be looking for based on usages such as time, location or activity.

2)   Widgets

·     Widgets have been redesigned to be more beautiful and data-rich, so they can provide even more utility throughout your day.

·     Redesigned Apple widgets for Weather, Clock, Calendar, Maps, Fitness, Photos, etc.

·     Place widgets anywhere on the Home screen for information at a glance.

3)   Compact UI

·     When you receive a call, it appears as a banner instead of taking over the entire screen, so you won’t lose track of what you’re doing.

·      When you receive a FaceTime call, it appears as a banner instead of taking over the entire screen.

·     Minimise Picture in Picture window offscreen

·     You can resize the Picture in Picture window by pinching the video to make it bigger or smaller.

4)   Siri

·     Siri has an all-new compact design that allows you to refer to information onscreen and seamlessly launch into your next task.

·     The new Siri voice uses advanced neural text‑to‑speech technology to sound incredibly natural.

·     Siri can now help you find answers to a broader set of questions using information from across the Internet, so you can get answers without having to browse the web.

5)   App Clips

·     An App Clip is a small part of an app that’s discoverable at the moment you need it and is focused on a specific task.

·     App Clips are small by design so they’re usable in just a few seconds.

·     QR codes can launch a related App Clip when you scan them with the QR code reader or the Camera app.

·     For locations that support App Clips, the place card in Maps includes a button to launch them.

6)   Privacy

·     A new section on each product page on the App Store helps you see a summary of the privacy practices of the app before you download it.

·     Developers will be required to get your permission before tracking you.

·     Developers can offer the option to upgrade existing app accounts to Sign in with Apple so users can enjoy improved privacy, security, and ease of use without setting up a new account.

·     iOS displays an indicator whenever an app is using the mic or camera, both in the app and in Control Centre.

7)   Augmented Reality

·     AR experiences can be placed at specific geographic coordinates so you can view them in some of your favorite places around the world — throughout cities, alongside famous landmarks, and even in your neighborhood.

·     Even more users can delight in AR experiences accessible only via the front camera, with expanded support for face tracking on all devices with the A12 Bionic chip and later.

·     Video textures can be added to any part of a scene or virtual object in RealityKit, bringing objects, surfaces, and virtual characters to life.

8)   FaceTime

·     With Picture in Picture for FaceTime, you can continue viewing your call while multitasking.

·     FaceTime delivers improved video quality with up to 1080p resolution on supported devices.

·     FaceTime can now detect when a participant is using sign language and make the person prominent in a Group FaceTime call.

9)   Safari

·     Easily translate entire web pages in Safari.

·     With a blazing-fast JavaScript engine, Safari delivers up to 2x faster JavaScript performance than Chrome on Android.

·     Safari securely monitors your saved passwords, automatically keeping an eye out for passwords that may have been involved in a data breach.

10) Translate

·     Conversations are easy by design with Translate.

·     All languages have their keyboards included for translating text, so you don’t have to download keyboards separately or manually switch between them.

·     Advanced on-device intelligence lets you translate your voice from one language to another.