Top 10 emerging technologies for revolutionizing the world

3 years ago

New innovations in technology have changed the human outlook. Gradually, generations are adapting to newer and better technological innovations, that has made their life simpler. Technological advancements have covered major parts of our life and it is continuing to bring more changes every day. From life, work, trips, time consumption, energy consumption, health to a social network, emerging technologies have left their impact on everything. 

Here is a list of top 10 technologies that can change our lives even more(not necessarily in that order):

1. 3D Printing

  • In the list of emerging technology trends, 3D printing has clearly gained the most recognition. Also referred to as Additive Manufacturing(AM), which translates to successive addition of thin layers between 16 to 180 microns or more to create an object. 
  • The 3D printer creates a design of an object using software, and then add layer upon layer of material to form a complete object. The object can be made of several printing materials like plastics, powders, filaments, paper, etc. 
  • There are various 3D printing technologies, such as Stereolithography, Digital Light Processing, Fused Deposition Modeling, Selective Laser Sintering, Selective Laer Melting, Electronic Beam Melting, and Laminated Object Manufacturing. 
  • 3D Printing can be used in the rapid manufacturing of Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Food, and Education. 

2. Artificial Intelligence

  • One of the new technology inventions, AI is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to conduct tasks commonly associated with human beings. 
  • Artificial Intelligence has much scope in various fields like Science and research, Cybersecurity, Data analysis, Transport, Home, Healthcare.

3. AR/VR

  • The augmented reality(AR) and Virtual reality(VR), despite their similar designs, AR allows computer-generated data or imagery to overlay physical objects in real-time. AR works with displays, sensors, and embedded electronic components. smart glasses are an example of AR technology.
  • VR provides users access to a fully immersive virtual environment where they can interact with an object similar to those in the real world. Google Cardboard is a VR product available in the market, which let users turn an Android phone into a VR headset using a simple fold-out cardboard viewer. 
  • A broad range of industries will be influenced by advancements in AR and VR including consumer goods, entertainment, aerospace and defense, commercial, and medical. 

4. Automated vehicles

  • This latest technology in the world combines sensors and software to control, navigate, and drive the vehicle. 
  • Self-driving vehicles can affect various factors like safety, economy, equity, and environmental and public health. 
  • Most self-driving systems create and maintain an internal map of their surroundings, based on a wide array of sensors, like radar. Softwares then process those inputs, plots a path, and sends instructions to the vehicle's "actuators", which control acceleration, braking, and steering. This technology update helps the software follow traffic rules and navigate obstacles. 

5. Space Tourism

  • The concept of space tourism is growing in popularity all the time, and there are a growing number of businesses engaging in activities within the space tourism industry. There are tourism companies that can make your space visit possible as a private astronaut, like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Orion Span, and Boeing.
  • The reduction of the cost of space travel and accessibility will be a revolution as private citizens will be able to routinely visit space and gaze upon our blue, watery home world. 

6. Space-based solar energy

  • The concept behind the space-based solar power programs is to place very large solar arrays into continuously and intensely sunlit Earth orbit, collect gigawatts of electrical energy and beam it to Earth. 
  • The conversion of received solar energy into manufactured synthetic hydrocarbon fuels, or it could also be used as baseload power via direct connection to the existing electrical grid or as low-intensity broadcast power beamed directly to consumers. 

7. Smart things

  • Devices and objects are emerging to get connected and are designed to help our lives become easier, better, and safer. A smart Thing is an object that can sense, monitor, and react to its environment, securely processing the information it collects, protected from threats and intrusions.
  • Advanced semiconductor technologies, low-cost, low-power embedded microcontrollers, and innovative sensors are enabling the large-scale deployment of new Smart Things that are powerful, compact, energy-efficient, secure, and affordable. 

8. Automation

  • Automation can be described as a technology concerned with performing a process using programmed commands combined with automatic feedback control to ensure proper execution of the instructions. Robotics is one of the technologies, it is a specialized branch of automation in which the automated machine possesses certain humanlike, characteristics. 
  • Automation will strengthen connectivity and reliability in a hyper-competitive ecosystem. 

9. Nano-medicine

  • Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnology to achieve technology innovations in healthcare. It uses the properties developed by a material at its nanometric scale 10-9 m which often differs in terms of physics, chemistry, or biology from the same material at a bigger scale. 
  • The nanometric size is also the scale of many biological mechanisms in the human body allowing nanoparticles and nanomaterials to potentially cross natural barriers to access new sites of delivery and to interact with DNA or small proteins at different levels, in blood or within organs, tissues, or cells. 

10. Gesture-Based Computing

  • One of the new technological inventions is Gesture-based computing, which is basically the ability to interface with devices through natural human movement. It is designed to replace the mouse and keyboard as a means of communicating with your computer or tablet interface. 
  • Several companies such as Softkinetic are developing platforms or the support of gesture-based technology. They are also designing custom applications such as interactive marketing and consumer electronics as well as games and entertainment. 
  • These emerging technologies will revolutionize the world and will also bring a ton of benefits for mankind. 

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Advances in digital technologies hold considerable potential to life the trajectory of productivity and economic growth, and to create new and better jobs to replace old ones. As much as two-thirds of potential productivity growth in major economics over the next decade could be related to the new digital technologies.