Top 10 Cars in India under 5 Lakh Rupees Best option for the Middle Class Family

2 years ago

Back in the day Automobiles used to be a symbol of status and financial growth. but nowadays every household can actually own a vehicle. Buying a car in 2022 is very Convenient and Economically Affordable. The cheapest cars in India usually range under 5 lakhs. There are a variety of options from different colors, sizes, engine preferences and many more. Many families in metropolitan cities usually choose a budget-friendly vehicle where there are new cars under 5 lakhs in Bangalore and also cars under 5 lakhs in Mumbai with new features. prices of such vehicles are mostly around 5 lacs. Cities like Mumbai and Bangalore have a majority of vehicles that are budget-friendly. Because of the tangible price and mileage, every customer gets drawn to these cars. Companies like Maruti Suzuki, TATA, and Hyundai sell cars in this price range. The Consumer target role of a vehicle is simple Efficiency and Budget.

We offer a list of affordable range of cars which are under the budget of Rs 5 lakhs. The list is of the top 10 cars in India with high features and mileage-based vehicles from different companies.

1. Renault Kwid

Renault brings an affordable range of cars whereas the Renault Kwid is a budget-friendly car with many features. The mileage of Renault Kwid provides 20.71 to 22 Km/liter, where it comes in both Manual and Automatic transmission and the fuel type is Petrol. The engine power ranged from 799 to 999 cc. Now talking about the price range of Rs 4.50 lakhs and is up to the Rs 5.95 lakhs, there are in total 10 variants

2.Maruti Suzuki Alto

Maruti Suzuki is our favorite Indian vehicle brand where they launched the Alto which was a big success and is still now in the buzz among the buyers. the best thing which made it a success is the price, the starting range is from Rs 3.25 lakhs and goes up to the price of Rs 5.02 lakhs .in total it comes with 8 variants, and the best part about is the company fitted CNG model are more in trend as the prices of petrol are keep on increasing. The mileage coverage is around 22.05 to 31.60 km/kg and comes with only manual transmission of 796 cc engine is the best car at a low price.There is huge range of new cars under 5 lakhs in Bangalore.

3.Datsun GO+

Datsun GO+ is an affordable section Datsun company where they launched the GO+. The company focused on the cheapest and best car for the Indian consumer so its price starts from 4.26 lakhs and goes up to 7.00 lakhs. There are many cars under 5 lakhs Bangalore, Chennai and other manufacturing region. It has both manual and automatic transmission models available, Talking about its engine it has an 1198 CC power engine which is quite high in comparison to the other brands. it is a seven-seater car that provides a mileage of 18.57 to 19 km/liter. 

4.Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

Maruti Suzuki has launched a new variant called S-Presso which comes up with the price of only 3.85 lakhs and both up to 5.63 lakhs. It has a total of 3 variants where the top model can range up to 5.28 lacs. The best thing about this one is it can be in both petrol and CNG and has a manual and automatic transmission system. Talking about its engine, it has a 998cc power engine with a mileage coverage of 21.53 which can go up to 31.19 kg per kg. 

5.Maruti Suzuki Eeco

The top 10 cars in India based on the sale value have always the name Eeco. It is one of the cars under 5 lakhs Mumbai based area preference's. The primary purpose of Eco is usually for the transportation of goods or as a taxi service where it has a sitting space of 7 people. Maruti Suzuki launched Eeco as a van type variant but it got success due to its low prices which are from Rs 4.63 lakhs and goes up to only Rs 5.94 lakhs which is affordable for a middle-class family. Its engine has the power of 1196 cc which is quite powerful in terms of The Cost range and it has only manual transmission. talking about its mileage it covers 16.11 km to up to 20.8 km per kg. The fuel type which is mostly used is CNG and also petrol.

6.Hyundai Santro

There are many cars under 5 lakhs Bangalore based where Hyundai Santro is one of them which has a very good reputation of being an affordable car among the middle-class family, the price range for the car starts from Rs 4.86 lakhs and can go up to Rs 6.45 lakhs. It was relaunched by the Hyundai company as the new version of Hyundai also comes with new features Automatic transmission the older version has the only manual transmission. talking about its engine it has a 1086 cc engine and a mileage of 20 to 30 kilometers per kg it is one of those cars which are highly sold among the Indian family. It is one of the Top 10 cars in India.

7.Datsun Redi-GO

The other new installment of Datsun has some of the lowest price cars in India. the list of top 10 cars in India has the next model of the Datsun Redi-GO. The price range for this car starts from Rs 3.98 Lakhs and goes up to the price of Rs 4.96 Lakhs. It has both manual and automatic transmission which is good in terms of the price range. The engine is of the 799 cc engine to 999 cc and the fuel type is of only petrol and has a decent mileage of 20.7 to 22 km per liter. Datsun Redi Go has 5 seater seating capacity.

8.Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Maruti launch the new version of Alto where it is now named Maruti Alto 800, talking its sales value at have also gained that much appreciation from its previous version and it can be known seen in many families also. Due to the fact of many sales it is under top 10 cars in India, also one of the cars under 5 lakhs bangalore based.

The specification of the Maruti Alto 800 tour has the engine power of 796 cc which is quite decent for the price range and the starting price of the car is rupees 3.91 lakhs. it has only manual transmission and has 5 seats.

9.Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki have the one of the best range of cars where the Wagon R is the best option in terms of price. The starting price of Wagon R is Rs 4.93 Lakhs and goes to the Rs 6.46 Lakhs. The older version of the Wagon R had only manual transmission but the new version had the automatic have 998 cc engine and the mileage is around 22.5 km/litre.

10.Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Talking about the new cars under 5 lakhs in bangalore Ignis is some of the cheap and best car in India, it is launched at price range of under and around the Rs 5 lakhs.

The price of Maruti Suzuki Ignis is starting from Rs 5.25 Lakhs. Now the main part of the car Engine have the power of 1197 cc. The mileage of the Maruti Suzuki Ignis is around 22km/liter and have both manual and automatic transmission.

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