Top 10 Best WWE Games For Android/PC

2 years ago

World wrestling entertainment or WWE as we call it is one of the most-watched sporting events on the planet & its popularity is really on another level it seems. It is an intense, attractive & engaging sport that people of all age groups & genders like unanimously. Some of the happiest times I had watching a sporting event were either cricket or WWE. Such was its impact. And since this sport was so popular, game developers were not far behind. And there were lots of WWE games for PCs and consoles by the end of the 20th century, which was only taken further in a better direction in the 21st century too. So today, we have for you a list of the best WWE games you can play across all the platforms. 

Origin of WWE games

The first official WWE or as it was back then WWF (World Wrestling Federation) theme video game was released way back in 1989 by the name of MicroLeague Wrestling. It was available for the popular operating systems of that time. And since then wrestling games for pc & consoles have been a continuing practice, due to the sheer popularity the game.

And since then it has come a long way into 2021 with the brand new WWE 2k22 title. Incorporating between them several successful and dismal releases across every known platform over the period. 

So with that, here are our picks for the best WWE games for Android/PC;

Best WWE games

WWF No Mercy

This awesome wrestling game was released by THQ in the year 2000 exclusively for Nintendo 64 and it also happened to be the last wrestling game in the Nintendo 64 series. But it was a very improved game from its predecessors. It had better mechanics, better graphics and an overall experience that made people appreciate it even more. And even after 2 decades now, you can still find this game in the top 10 best WWE games of all time. 

Surely it is an old game for a very obsolete platform but you can still play it and have fun with it by using any one of the mobile or pc emulators like ppsspp. A link to which is also given below. 

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WWE smackdown here comes the pain

Now, this is a favourite of WWE fans. Released in 2003 by THQ and developed by Yuke’s a Japanese game developer. It was released in Japan as well, under the name Exciting Pro Wrestling. People loved the overall experience of this game as it had more advanced controls for grappling, meters for player damage and pin/submission progress bars etc. but at the heart of all this was the same fast-paced and exhilarating wrestling action. Brock Lesnar was chosen as the cover superstar. It was released exclusively for PlayStation 2 and thus it had very crisp graphics at that time. 

It can also be enjoyed on a ppsspp or any other emulator.

Download link;


WWE All-Stars

This fast-paced & vivid WWE wrestling game was released in 2011 by THQ for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But later it was made available for their predecessors as well. It was a breath of fresh air in WWE games, to be frank. As it had so many things to fall in love with.

The biggest difference was that it was not your regular simulation-based WWE game but it was rather like an arcade game with quick movements, use of combos and fast-paced gameplay. Plus the movement animations are also quite spectacular. Although some people may deem it a little childish for their taste. But the majority of the players loved it. 

Along with all that it had multiple game modes and amazing features like create-a-wrestler etc. 

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WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006

You must have anticipated the inclusion of this 2005 release in our list beforehand and that isn't surprising at all. Because it was just right in every aspect that the fans expected it to be. 

It had smooth mechanics and fast & clean gameplay. A truly big and diverse roster of superstars and very exciting new modes like seasons, rivalries etc. Other than that at that time, it was also the most beautiful game graphics wise too. 

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WWE Mayhem 

Now after a long stretch of games made exclusively for consoles we have come to the Mobile gaming segment. And what better game to begin with than WWE Mayhem. 

It is an arcade-style WWE title and it surely justifies its classification too. It is a very fun and easy to play a game where you can play as your favourite WWE Superstars in a variety of game modes. It is one of the best-rated wwe games for android.

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WWE Undefeated

This mobile WWE game is as good as it can be. Playing it is a very subtle, engaging & enjoyable experience. It is an online-only game and it has head-to-head matches where you can play against other players in the game in real-time. 

It has a street fighter or Tekken like vibe to it the only difference being you play as your favourite WWE stars. 

Download link;

WWE 2k14

This game started a brand new era in the WWE games franchise which is called the 2k series. As the primary publisher changed from THQ to Take-two Interactive in 2013. 

WWE 2k14 was the first addition to the 2k series of WWE games and it was a commercial success too. Its predecessor was WWE '13 of 2012 which was also a good video game. But 2k14 brought an unprecedented improvement in the Wrestling genre games out there. It is considered by the fans and experts to be the best WWE 2k game to date.

This game had lots of amazing game modes and it was visually very attractive as well. It is still considered to be a very competent game in the series. 

Download link;

WWE 2k15

This was the successor to 2k14 and the first WWE game after 2002's WWE Raw to be released on Microsoft Windows other than the popular consoles and mobile devices too.

And make no mistake that it was a worthy addition to the 2k series by all means. It featured John Cena on the game's cover.

WWE 2k15 travelled back to the traditional simulation-based gameplay instead of a very fast arcade style. Which positively worked for the game too. 

It had tons of exciting game modes like 2k Showcase, My career etc along with an impressive list of superstars.

Download link;

WWE 2k19

This WWE game was the last game developed by Yuke's which marked an end of an 18-year long journey in the franchise. It was published by 2k sports & released in 2018.

Although this instalment was a significant upgrade in terms of graphics and visual quality the gameplay more or less remained quite similar to the previous games. 

But still, it is a very fun game to try as it has good mechanics & game modes to keep you hooked to it. 

Wwe 2k game download link;

WWE 2k22

The final entry in our list is also the latest addition to the WWE game titles too. WWE 2k22 which was released on March 11, 2022, is the 22nd instalment in the entire WWE gaming series & the 9th in the 2k series.

It was released for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 & the next-gen consoles as well.

Apart from being the latest, it also has many new changes to show. Like the rebranding of my career mode as MyRise. 

WWE 2k22 had peer pressure to perform well as WWE 2k20 did not receive encouraging reviews from critics and gamers alike. But it is safe to say that it managed to restore some faith into the minds of the fans regarding WWE 2k games. 

Wwe 2k game download link;


Recently there has been a new contender in front of WWE which is called AEW which is the acronym for All Elite Wrestling. And they also have a few AEW games by the name of, AEW Elite General Manager & AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing.


So this is for this top 10 blog. As you all saw, most of these games are console-based and thus you either need a console like PlayStation or Xbox to play it or an emulator like ppsspp. Most of these wwe ppsspp games work just fine on eligible systems and you can easily enjoy the best WWE games. We hope that we were able to include all your favourites in the list. If not then do tell us which ones we have missed in the comments. See you guys with a new article very soon. 

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