Top 10 Best Websites To Play Online Games

7 months ago

The better hardware in our computers, as well as smartphones, has several advantages. One of them is the access to better games having better graphics. Better internet has helped in improving many other options. Now we don’t need to install games on our devices to play. Instead, we can play several games on the internet itself. Various websites are there which provide us with various popular games.

So today we will have a look at some of the popular websites where one can play several games to enjoy their free time.

247 Games

It is one of the most popular gaming websites for lovers of old-school games. Online games like mahjong and solitaire which are all-time favourites, can be easily played on this website. There are no advertisements on this website. You will not even have to register on this website to play any game. Just visit this website and enjoy the various classic games. But this website is strictly prohibited for multiplayer game lovers.

Addicting games

This website has various games from many categories. It allows people to play games free of cost but with some advertisements. The games can be accessed through both desktops as well as hand-held devices. The website is also updated regularly with new games. There is also an option of subscription. The paying members do get some special games to play. Arcade games, puzzles, card games and many more will keep you engaged.


It is one of the websites which provides the functionality of both single-player as well as multi-player. It has various games from various categories. It can be accessed from both computers as well as smartphones. But this website does show some advertisements. The requirement of creating an account is not there. But if you want to create one, then you can do so. The presence of an account will give you the advantage of tracking your progress in various games.


This website host games from Hasbro as well as PopCap games. The user must create an account on this website to play games. Here you can play games online but it does show advertisements. But there are special gestures for paid membership holders. There are some game titles which are reserved for paid members. There are also some games which are available only as a trial for free users. To get the full benefits of this website you will need an account.


It is one of the best websites where one can play games for free. It has the hurdle of account requirements for a user. But once an account is created then you can enjoy games for long hours. The ads won’t interfere with your gameplay midway. Before you access free computer games, the website also requires you to log in using a Facebook account only. So this is a disadvantage for google one-tap login users. The mobile users will have to download the games before playing. The website also has an advantage for independent game developers. It allows independent game developers to upload their games on the website.


This website is a heaven for classic gamers. It has various games even the 8-bit titles from the by-gone era. It has many game titles for the 90s generation. There are no ads on the website. The games do load a bit slower. But after loading they run like a breeze. It is one of the best websites to play free computer games.


Card game players as well as puzzle enthusiasts will simply get hypnotized by this website. It has many games of cards, puzzles as well as maths games. There is also a benefit of no ads on this website. The entire website and games will load in minimal time. Games also run very smoothly.


It is one of the most preferred websites for multiplayer gamers. There are various games that one can play with friends or with anonymous players. There is no requirement for an account on this website. But having one will provide you with the option of keeping a track of your game progress. There are various free games to play. But there is also the option of playing single-player games. Advertisements are minimal. The website can run easily on computers or handheld devices.

MSN games

This website is also sometimes called Zone. It is purely for Microsoft game lovers. Other than Microsoft games there are also other games. One can play games without the disturbance of annoying ads. There are many games which are only available as a trial. So there is an option of pay-to-play for some games. The website is available for both computers as well as handheld devices.


Last but not least. This free computer games website has several games of various genres for gamers. But it has a policy of occasional ads. The website runs smoothly on computers. The mobile version of this website has a demerit. It forces the user to download the game before playing. There is also no requirement for an account on this website.

So these are some of the gaming websites which one can enjoy without much hassle. These websites are good for casual gamers, occasional gamers as well as hardcore gamers. So this weekend does visit some of these and relive your childhood by playing 2 players online games or even single player.

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All the websites given here have the best games available to play.

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