Top 10 Best Websites To Download Cracked/Pirated Software For PC

2 years ago

Hello there readers. Today in our top 10 segment we have for you a topic that will surely grab your attention. Today, we are going to explore how you can acquire pirated or cracked software for free. I know you can't wait for it but before we dive deep into the websites, let us first learn something about piracy so that it is a more educated, simple & fruitful experience for you when you go on these sites that we are going to tell you about.

What is piracy?

The fans of Captain Jack Sparrow do not need an introduction to what piracy is I think but still; piracy is the act of looting, or plundering a naval vessel or boat or a coastal region by the use of a naval vessel as well. The people who do piracy are called pirates.

But this definition of piracy has heavily changed from its inception in the 14th century till now. Now the acts of piracy have shifted from the world wide seas to the world wide web and the treasures of gold and silver have turned into data & software.

The modern definition of piracy or online piracy as it is better known is;

The unauthorised distribution of copyrighted content like movies, songs, software, games etc without permission or due consideration to the respective owners.

In the same way, a pirate site is a website that allows you to download paid software for free.

A fair warning

Doing piracy or using the products of pirated nature is prohibited by law and can cause you other sorts of harm in form of data theft, compromised cyber security and many more problems. So it is advised to use it as less as possible if not refrain from it.

Okay now that we are all enlightened as well as warned let us see which are the best crack sites for software.


Starting the count with the site that I use personally and love it too. 1337x is an all in one website that provides you with a plethora of content ranging from movies, tv shows, games & lets you download cracked software for pc too. It is a big library of online content that is filled with torrents from all the popular sources on the web. You can imagine it to be the supermarket for torrents in a sense, where you can browse for a particular thing and get many different options for it in front of you.

It is fairly easy to navigate this crack software site. All you need is a capable enough pc, a fast internet connection, for safety, a VPN enabled browser and lastly but indispensably a torrent downloader like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

The process of downloading from 1337x is as follows

Browse from the library or search for your required software in the search bar.

Click on the file you think is best for you to download.

After that, you will see the option of magnet or torrent download.

Select magnet download and then it will ask you the permission to open the download on your torrent application.

Once it shows in your torrent application just select the save location for it & click on start to begin the download.

The Pirate Bay

The founders couldn't have named a platform where copyrighted content is illegally distributed better than this in my view. This website has its name in the world of piracy not just because it has been there a long time but also because of its usefulness to its users. Though officially it has been blocked and closed by the authorities when its creators were found guilty in their court trial, the website like all pirate sites is still accessible through proxy websites.

It was released ay back in 2003 & for a long time it was the best pc crack software website.

TPB is also a very user-friendly and navigable website and it doesn't complicate things for its users at all. Rather, the download process is quite identical to 1337x only. But the overall look and feel of the site are not up to the mark as it is run through proxy sites. But you can easily get your job done if you know what you want.

Get into pc

This handy website here is also a great choice when it comes to free software downloads. Although, this one does not have a huge variety of content like the above two because it is a traditional website and not a content library. But the stuff that is on there i.e; software is very nice and you can find all the popular and less popular software on there.

The website's interface is clean and thus easily navigable. In short, it gets the job done. Which is downloading software for your pc.

This right here is also a site dedicated to pc software and mobile tools for android & ios. It is a visually beautiful website with a very clean user experience. There are no annoying advertisements of any kind too.

There are also games available here but they are just a medium to advertise the games and the premium games are on paid license. Also, you do not need any external downloader to download your content.

Pro free

It is also a popular website to download cracked software and tools for free. It has a wide range of pc software & tools along with cracked games too.

You can find almost all of your required pc software on this site. Although, the UI isn't that good the experience isn't that bad at all. It gets the job done.

Kickass torrents

Another entry in our list that is a torrent library, has peer-to-peer file sharing and is shut down and banned in almost all the regions worldwide. But that hasn't stopped the first two apps in our list and neither has it stopped this one from giving its users premium software, games and other digital content for free.

It can now only be accessed via its proxy websites and mostly with a VPN enabled.


This next website is a very good medium to get premium software for free with full serial key activation too. Although you may or may not find the most popular application here. The ones that are there work just fine and there are tons of amazing applications available in their full versions too.


It is a decent website for people looking for a good crack software site and also various internet tools, especially WordPress plug-ins etc.

Like the previous one, this does not necessarily have your go-to, well-known applications always but it has some pretty useful stuff on there.

Talk about a neatly designed website and you can include this one in it as well. It is a very handsome looking website to download pirate software and tools for free.

Lime torrents

We started with a torrent library, we found a spot for it in the middle library and we are ending our top 10 best website for cracked software list with a torrent library website too. Don't know, I guess these sites are that good. And the best site to download free cracked software

This one looks very identical to the pirate bay website and also works in the same fashion too. And the download process is the same as the previous websites too.


So those were our picks for the best site for cracked software. Now if I had to give a personal favourite or preferred one out of the 10, I will strongly suggest the ones which have a torrent library.

The benefits of it are pretty simple. You get a lot of download options for a particular software from the various sources that there are on the internet. So, you do not have to explore individual sites for hours looking for your desired files.

But, the use of a crack software site also comes with a fair and clear warning too. So it's hard to say that there is virtually any safe place to download cracked software. It can be harmful to you in many capacities and magnitudes. Thus, stay afar from it as much as possible and even when you do, exercise caution for your cyber safety. Have jolly times using these sites and download crack software as you please. We’ll be back very soon with a new topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is free of cost until you don't use some pro features.

It is a convenient way of downloading files but it isn't entirely safe.

The risk on cybersecurity, personal security & data.