Top 10 Best Video Games To Play On Linux OS

2 years ago

Linux has been one of the most popular operating systems since its release. All the developers and tweakers love this OS. It even has the support and prayers of a huge number of software developers. They all work day and night on the OS, to keep it safe and sound. It even receives regular updates.

Now, from a gamer’s perspective. Playing games on a Linux OS is not a very common sight among the general gaming community. So today you will come to know about some games which we can play on Linux OS.

Dota 2

It is one of the most popular games. So this very reason, it finds its place on top of the list of the best Linux games. It is available for free for Linux. Every single gaming site on the internet has its name written as an example for some game-related matters. 

It gets updated regularly. It allows you to compete with several other gamers all around the world. It is used by many online competitions in order to identify the best gaming talents.

Super Tux Kart

It is a free-to-play arcade game for gamers who are Linux users. It is one of the best free Linux games. There is also an option of story mode for the players. You can play the story mode in which in order to win the game you will have to beat the ultimate villain named Nolok. There are three characters in the game. Namely Tux, SuperKart and Nolok.

UFO: Alien Invasion

It is an alien invasion game. In this game, you will have the planet Earth from Aliens who are attacking the planet. This game consists of two modes for gameplay: tactical and Geoscape. The game will keep you engaged with its gameplay.

Unknown Horizons

It is a city-building game. It allows you to build a city right from scratch. It is a 2D game and is considered one of the best games on Linux. It allows you to build a metro city and then increase your wealth through various strategic moves and partnerships.

Team Fortress 2

It is one of the most loved FPS games. It is completely free to play. It is developed by Valve. It frequently receives updates. There will be no issue if you are new in the game. The various offline practice sessions will put you in the league of the best players in no time. There are various modes int this game like Payload, King, and many more. It is one of the best new games for Linux.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It is developed by Valve Corporation. It gets updated on a regular basis. It is also very popular among shooting game lovers. It is also a part of various gaming competitions in order to identify the best gamers. It is available free of cost for Linux and for many other platforms.


Every 90’s id will get those nostalgia moments after reading this name. if you are a retro game lover, then this game is definitely on your favorite list. Probably all those who are in their 30s must have played this game in their childhood. This game is owned by one of the best free Linux game providers, Nintendo. It has various features on offer for the gamers. For example, portal guns for an individual player, a level editor, and many more.


It is a space exploration game. It allows you to explore a galaxy and complete various tasks on different planets in order to win the game. It has various planets for gamers. You will have to complete different missions to win the game. There are also various kinds of spaceships available. You can even customize the spaceships according to your own need and requirements of the game.

World of Warships: Transformers

It is a free game that allows one to be in charge of a warship from the WWI and WWII eras. It allows you to play this game either solo or along with your friends. You have to be very alert to play this game which is one of the best free Linux games. You even get the option of customization. There are various options available for the gamers in the game like camouflages, shop modules, and more.


It is a battle strategy game. It gives you the option of customizing your weapon. Every kind of weapon which is available in the game can be customized according to the requirements of the game. It allows you to capture the opposite territories after defeating your enemy.

So these are some of the best games available to play for free on the Linux platform. You can play some of these games solo or with your friends in multiplayer mode. These free Linux games can be played on all Linux distros. Some of these games are also supported on various other platforms.

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