Top 10 Best Sources To Get Royalty Free Music

2 years ago

Music gives satisfaction and a relaxing experience like no other. It is generally a form of treatment like meditation. We all are fond of some kind of music. The music which we like helps us forget our problems for a few moments.

But there are some issues. The people who create some music videos are often searching for the right website to get some good music. But royalty-free music is hard to find. On the other hand, hiring professionals to make a music video is a costly affair. So, often some professionals are looking for royalty-free music on the internet.

So today you will take a look at some of the best websites which provide royalty free background music for your videos.


It offers a subscription-based plan for music lovers. You will be able to find various kinds of music from different genres. The advantage of this website is that it provides a single license for all the music on the website. There is also an option to filter music based on the instruments of your choice. You will also get two months of free download if you choose to subscribe to the newsletter, before going for a subscription plan. No free download option is available.

Premium beat

This website offers a large database of royalty-free music from various good artists. This website also has the support of Shutterstock. It offers all the music available just for $49. But there is no free music download option.

Audio Jungle

It has a huge database of music available for use. It has a monthly subscription plan for interested users. The music tracks available on this website are priced at just $5. There is also no option for free music download.


It is a comparatively new website. It offers many tracks. It has a subscription plan. It even has royalty-free music which can be used by the users with proper credit in the outcome.

Purple Planet

It has many music tracks from many genres. It allows unlimited free music track downloads for personal use. If you are planning to use the music for commercial purposes, then a subscription plan is also available. But sadly, there is no option to filter music on this website.

Storyblocks Audio

It is one of the most popular websites on the list. Its user list includes companies like National Geographic, Discovery Channel, MTV and many more. It does not allow any free downloads or copyright-free music. It has a subscription option. It will allow only 5 downloads in a month for basic subscription plan users. It even has a vast library. It even updates its library regularly with music from different genres. Various music videos are also being on this platform by different popular companies.

Free Stock Music

It offers various music tracks for personal use. The music is available in various formats. The registration is free on this website. But it is not possible to filter music on this website. It has music tracks of many genres.

Epidemic Sound

It has various music tracks of many genres. It allows downloading music tracks in high quality for use as non-copyright sounds. It even offers 30 days of free trial for its users. The subscription plans available can be customized according to the requirements. The subscription is also for personal use. If you are interested in using the music tracks for commercial use then there is a separate cost involved for the licensing.


It offers various kinds of music tracks. It offers very flexible filter options. You can select music based on instruments, mood, beats per minute, key, vocals, and even duration. This website has even worked with various popular artists to create great music. There is no free plan option on this platform. The subscription option includes licensing price, so copyright free music is unavailable.

Josh Woodward

This website is completely free for all to use. It has a very limited library music track. You can use the tracks for commercial purposes also.

So these are some of the best websites where one can get royalty-free music. Some are not free, but the quality of music is good. Some offer good options to create excellent music videos or even songs or other content for entertainment.

With the current level of competition in the entertainment field, the requirements of content creators have increased. It is also not possible for everyone to buy costly musical instruments as well as other electronic equipment to make good quality music or even non-copyright sounds. With the pandemic ruining our lives, the option of meeting frequently and involving in physical meetings frequently is not possible for all. But the options in this article are good. They will most likely fulfil all your requirements for minimal cost. So go ahead and have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not possible.

Josh Woodward

Yes, YouTube Music Library has some good quality music tracks and sound for free.

Josh Woodward, Free Stock Music

No, it is not possible.

Yes, but limited options as mentioned for some of the websites in this article.