Top 10 Best Pokemon Games For PC/Android

2 years ago

Pokemon is once again back in our lives. After the introduction of Pokemon Go, the game has been able to regain the popularity that it once had.

Today you will get to see some of the best Pokemon games that one can play on Android/PC.

Pokemon Go

In this game, one has to go out and catch Pokemon and train them. This game is advantageous by today’s standards. Due to pandemic, we all are staying away from physical activities and staying indoors. But now everything has moved online, so this game will be great for many youngsters. It can be played for free.

Pokemon Quest

The game is designed as a Minecraft-type world in a new way. This game has been developed in the same way as Minecraft. The game will remind you of the extremely popular game. In this game, you will have to complete all the stages to win the game.

Pokemon Café Remix

It is a unique game. It offers the option of solving puzzles. You will solve the puzzles in a limited number of moves. There will also be some conditions which you will have to follow. It is one of the best Pokemon games for kids. The game has several challenging tasks. At the end of each task, you will have to serve the guests their desired dishes and orders.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

In this game, you will have to train your Magikarp and defeat the opponents. In this game, your character needs to have greater jumping power than your opponent to win. You can compete with Pokemon: Magikarp Jump players all around the world. 

Pokemon TCG online

It is the nostalgic Pokemon card game. It is a new Pokemon game for young kids. In this game, you will have to select a card and build up a deck of cards. You can practice against an AI. But after creating a deck of cards, you can compete against players of Pokemon TCG online all around the world. After winning some games, you can even compete in tournaments with other players of Pokemon TCG online. In this game, you can even trade your cards with other players of Pokemon TCG online. You can fight against other players with your card.

Pokemon Masters EX

In this game, you will have to win matches against players all around the world. It is one of the best new Pokemon game 2022 can offer. In this game, you can choose a Pokemon trainer as a first step. Then you can compete in matches. After winning some matches, you can compete in tournaments. It is a 3 Pokemon vs 3 Pokemon games.

Pokemon UNITE

It is also a Pokemon battle game. In this game, you will face against other players of Pokemon UNITE in a 5 vs 5 Pokemon gameplay. You will have to win games against other Pokemon UNITE players to proceed further. You will have to score the highest points and then become the winner.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

In this game, you will need to fight your Pokemon with Pokemon of other players. This game can easily compete with some of the best Gameboy Color Pokemon games. You will have some of the Pokemon. Then you will have to defeat all your opponents. Once the opponent's Pokemon starts to lose. The Pokemon will also lose its energy. After the Pokemon losses its energy and you catch the Pokemon, then you will win the game. If you are not able to catch the Pokemon, then you can also change your ball to catch it.

Pokemon Playhouse

In this game, you will get the option of taking care of 50 different types of Pokemons. This game will help in improving the sense of responsibility of a human. There is also another option in this game of stories in this game. It is one of the best new Pokemon games. You will get the opportunity to see your favorite Pokemons go on an adventure. As each Pokemon grows up, the level of the game also increases. Each level will provide you with a new Pokemon to take care of.

Pokemon Smile

This game is for young ones. In this game, the kids are taught the basics of hygiene. The most important aspect of our hygiene is our brushing of teeth. This quality needs to be present in every kid. But sometimes it becomes difficult for kids to understand the importance of such a habit. This game will help you in such a situation with kids. It will teach the kids to brush their teeth through different Pokemons. It is one of the best new Pokemon games.

These Pokemon games are a list of some of the best Pokemon games for Android/PC. Now, if you want to play these on PC, then you can use BlueStacks on PC. First, you will have to sign in to your Google Play Store. BlueStacks acts as a virtual screen where you can play android games. You can search for any android game and play them on your PC. You can even run other apps also.

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