Top 10 Best Google Chrome Browser Extensions

a year ago

Browser extensions are a life saver. The extensions do increase the productivity of a person. They do make our lives a bit less complicated. They simplify our life by automating some of our confusing tasks.

On the browser front, Google Chrome is the most popular in the world. Chrome is being used by millions of people all around the world. It also has its store for various useful extensions for its users.

So, today you will get to know about some of the best extensions which one can get for Google Chrome. These are some of the most useful Chrome extensions.

Google calendar

It is one of the most useful app extensions that help in various aspects. The extension helps in scheduling various tasks and reminders. It also helps in keeping a track of your tasks daily. The extension has various options that a user can use to customize their notes.

Google Keep

It helps in making a list of all kinds of things which you want to keep a track of. It also helps to be a sticky note. It has some customizations. You can make some changes to your notes. It acts as a to-do list. It is one of the best chrome extensions. It will provide you with the comfort of organizing your work in a systematic way.


It is one of the best extensions for Chrome users. It allows you to be perfect at writing English grammar. It will detect the errors in your writing. The errors can be grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and even structure errors.


It is one of the most preferred extensions for Google Chrome users. It is specifically for the people who download a lot of files from the internet. Such chrome extensions are especially useful for those who have a lot of huge files to download. For example, software setups having a big file size can be easily downloaded using this extension. Another advantage is that it will be easier for you to keep track of all the downloaded files in one place.


If you are one of those who forgets the password for different websites, then this is the extension for you. It even helps in the case of autofill. The extension even takes care of the details which you will fill on different websites. It even provides the feature of a fingerprint login.

Checker Plus for Gmail

It is for business-minded people. It helps in monitoring your Gmail account if you receive a lot of emails throughout the day. Such google extensions give you the notification for your new emails in different ways. You can either select pop-up notification, part of your email read out loud, or even chime alerts.

Awesome Screenshot

It allows you to capture your screen in different formats. You can either take a screenshot or even record your screen. The extension has various plans for different users. There is even a basic free plan. In the basic plan, video can be recorded in 720p resolution. There is a limit of 50 screenshots for a free account.


It allows a user to monitor the time spent on a particular work. It is good for the users who want to categorize their routine into different time slots for different works. It is one of the most useful extensions, in case you want to monetize your work. You can make a receipt of your work hours and send it to the concerned authority to get your payment.


It is for those who want to communicate with others in video messages. It allows its users to be able to record their screens and send them to others. You can even record your audio and send it to others. It has free and paid plans for the users. Features like an image editor and scroll recorder are also available.

Adblock Plus

It is the most useful extension for browser users. It allows the users to block the annoying ads on any website. It is one of the best chrome extensions. It can also help in reducing internet data consumption. This is because ads also take up a lot of data.

These extensions are available for all. The users only need to install google chrome installed on their computer. You can find some of these extensions for other web browsers also. These extensions can save you a lot of time. These extensions are not the only available ones. You can visit the extension store of google chrome for more extensions.

The extensions do also increase the functionality of your browser. They can make your browser multi-functional. They can act as a personal assistant that helps you in various situations. On the downside, the extensions can also add some extra burden to the performance of your browser. The performance can be good if your computer has sufficient memory.

Frequently Asked Questions

AdBlock is an extension to block annoying ads on google chrome.

The addons are the added features that enables the browser to provide you some added functions like watch a video on your browser.