Top 10 Best Cloud Gaming Services Right Now

6 months ago

Cloud gaming services are gaining momentum. They are gaining immense popularity lately. As the price of gaming hardware is becoming unaffordable for the public, people are choosing cloud gaming. The cloud gaming has several advantages. First of all it will reduce the pressure from your computer hardware. Second there is no need for downloading and installing the large gaming files on your device. Even there is flexibility of playing your favourite games on any device.

So let’s have a look at some of the best cloud gaming services currently in the market.

1.      NVIDIA GeForce Now

It provides you the option of integrating your favourite cloud gaming service from other providers. You can choose anyone like Steam. You won’t be able to buy any of the gaming titles. There is also an input lag in its service. But this demerit helps in making the experience smooth and fluid. It will provide you the default settings of 720p resolution and 60 fps.

2.      PlayStation Now

It offers the wildly popular PlayStation titles to your PC screen. It is available for Windows as well as PlayStation. It has the subscription option as others. This cloud gaming service will offer you titles from PS 2 till PS 5. You will have two options to play your games. You can either download game and play it in your device or stream it through the console.

3.      Google Stadia

You will have the option to play various games on the platform. There is also a controller for this platform. The controller performs really well for all games. It is available for various platforms. All the latest titles are available pretty quickly on the platform as they are launched.

4.      Vortex

It offers many games in various categories. The platform is relatively new. It still appears to be evolving as a perfect gaming platform. This platform offers one of the best cloud gaming service for all to enjoy. But the subscription cost is low. It will offer you compatibility with various platforms. There is also a slight lag in game play along with input lag.

5.      Amazon Luna

It is one of the newest in the list. It offers very few titles. But on the addition of the subscription option of Ubisoft, it provides many more titles to play. It also has a controller which provides excellent experience. The platform currently supports only web browsers. But there are various settings available on this platform which can make your gameplay a lot more comfortable.

6.      Shadow

It is one of the top cloud gaming service you will ever find. It offers you the comfort of allotting an entire device for your gameplay. As compared to other service which provide only a part of their resources, it provides better service. On its machine you can change the overall settings the way you want to. The subscription are also on a higher side. So it is one of the best option than others on the list.

7.      Playkey

One of the most future proof gaming platforms. It offers its users two services. First of all, you will have the option of getting into the cryptocurrency. Secondly it provides one of the best cloud gaming service for PC. It has a very powerful hardware to support its service. It has a vast library of games. It provides the default settings of 720p at 30 fps. The settings max out at 1080p at 120fps. The service provides great gaming experience at a minimal lag. On the other side you can also mine crypto in your free time on this website.

8.      Paperspace

It has a very good service which provides great gaming experience. It assigns you a remote pc for your subscription plan. You can choose the hardware which you need, according tot your requirement and need. It provides one of the best cloud gaming service for enthusiasts. The service also has an hourly basis plan which is very useful for occasional gamers. You will also need a subscription of services like Steam for integration with Paperspace subscription. It provides settings up to 4K for gameplay.

9.      Blacknut

 It offers various titles to play. It is also supported by many systems. It also offers a two- week trial for free for its users. But some of the major titles are missing. It is useful for basic gamers.

10.   Rainway

It offers the option for its users to stream their favourite games from their gaming pcs to their devices. It offers fantastic streaming quality and it offers the best cloud gaming app for android. But there are also some conditions like a good internet connection is required. It does require you to have gaming pc. You also need to have all your games installed on your pc for this service to run.

So these are some of the best services that can help you kill some time. These services do provide great service provided you fulfil their minimum requirement criteria. You can even have some quality time along with your friends. When your friends are located at a distant place then you can have a great time with them together online. These are some of the best services to compete with the likes of Xbox cloud gaming and likewise.

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