Technology I Can’t Live Without – the wheels of modern life

2 years ago

Technology has become an integrated part of modern life. A normal day of any adult begins with checking of emails, messages, and other technology stuff. Who would have thought, that it would impact us to such a large extent. One of the key factors for this boom is “Internet”. It has brought the world at the fingertips of users, just one click away. It is obvious that technology has advanced far more than humanity. Internet is all about information and data. This useful data has led to the development all new branches like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. Technology has deepened the dependence of humans to such an extent that one cannot live a life without it.

Technology has eased the human efforts in a true sense, nearly in every task. Some common day to day tasks have completely been revolutionized because of it.

E-commerce: Yes, internet has transformed and unleashed a new market and economy. Especially online shopping is the best growing industry. It has enabled the users to order things from their comfort zones from around the world. It has helped local businesses and shops to flourish and sell their goods to distinct places.

Navigation: Remember the old times, when one needed to interact with unfamiliar strangers, probably with different language, to ask for directions for a place. It was hard decoding their signs or understand their directions. But the modern GPS technology has enabled us travel distant places of different countries, different languages and culture. It has made travelling so easy and secure.

Medical Research: The advancements in science and technology has helped develop new instruments and equipment, inventions and medicines. It has made us capable of fighting the deadliest of diseases and thus increase the life expectancy of individuals. It has helped countries build facilities for their population and thus led to all round development of its economy. Developments in medicine has brought new purpose of life to those affected by accidents and ailments. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: This is considered to be the future of our world. This field help us to bridge the gap between us and the new Intelligent age. AI using its statistical algorithms has helped in predicting various factors. It helps in maintaining ones physical health through various activity trackers. It has helped in predicting various diseases beforehand and helped in proving early medication. It has helped in the field of sports and thus deciding the game strategy. Space travel and Cosmology have reached its new heights. Humans have started to designing plans to setup colonies on other lanets and make them habitable.

Education: In the times of pandemic, technology has proved to be a true boon to teachers and students. Teachers were able arrange live classes and connect to their students using different online tools. Students whether situated in metro cities or remote areas were able to quench their thirst for knowledge, ensuring that the knowledge gap was filled. 

Social Media: It is the most deep impact of Technology. It has helped people to connect to their loved ones and express their feelings. In times they have helped lonely ones to share their thoughts, helped youngsters and others to make their living through it. It has provided better platform for budding artists to showcase their talent. Thus Social Media with its right usage has the potential to transform one’s life.

Thus, these are some of the instances of our encounter to technology. Technology has in reality affected and has become a part of nearly each object. This in turn has widened out dependency on it. One simply cannot imagine a life without it, like one’s day starts with an alarm which itself is a product of Technology.