Technologies that Changed the Art of Film Making

3 years ago

Cinema has come a long way from black and white display to colour, high definition, 4k to even 5k now. From simple movies to sophisticated ones like Sci-Fi, animations, and 3D, 4D movies, has changed the way films are displayed in the recent years. Technical changes in the film industry has made a huge impact in the way cinema is depicted and gained popularity over the years, flourishing the film industry. Therefore, over the years film experts have pointed out that film and tech goes together.

Technology in Theatre

A large change has been observed in the working of cinema theatres over the recent years of development with the use of technology. From high sound quality to bigger screens and 3D views has changed the way theatre use to be. It has gained a lot of popularity in urban life as a leisure time spend in theatre increased over time with technology updates. The most adventurous form of theatre consists of 4D experience. An individual can feel and smell the presence of the visual film in reality with special seats and effect's used in theatres. One can enjoy and relax in theatres than it was before.

Technology in Film Making

The application of technology in film making has helped the industry lately and changed the way films are perceived by people. Technology can be seen in film of different genre. They include;


Technology is purely applied in the making of science fiction movies. From graphical edits to cyborg, robots or alienated look creations that creates interest among audience. Human cloning editing is large used in this field and seen in movies like "The Matrix" (the sci-fi movie of all times) and many more Sci-Fi movies. They require expert editors and engineering in making such films. This also requires imagination through technology use and future predictions of tech world.


Animated movies has gain a large popularity among audience, from adults to toddlers with its colourful display and breathtaking scenery and views. The graphical contents goes through a lot of editing and imagination to bring out cartoon characters which looks real and interesting. The characters are created with the use of software's like Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and 3D graphics as well as blender and more. This particular industry has a lot of demand recently.

How is Digital Technology reshaping the film industry?

Digital technology has changed the world immensely with its new inventions and application of technology digitally. It has influenced the film industry on a great extent due to its limitations that mean very little than its advantages and benefits perceived. The use of drones cameras in film shootings has made it easier and act as a time saver in the industry followed by its high video quality, covering a wide range of scenic views. Film industry has resorted to the use of 3D printing, to 3D print their probs, costumes and equipments for cost savings as well as provide better probs and better quality background view to its viewers. Algorithmic video editing has gained popularity among film industry due to the realistic effects it provides to its audience. From realistic rain to snow effects in movies are with the use of algorithmic video editing. Use of 4k 3D cameras among film industry has gained attention among its audience with the adventurous and realistic experience it gives to its viewers. Therefore, a lot of change in film industry with regards to digital technology has paved a way for future technologies as well. The demand for Sci-Fi and animation and high quality movies has introduced many technologies over the recent years and there are more expectations in the future. Hollywood and Bollywood film industries makes use of the above mentioned technologies in their films, thereby, pulling more audience and has a wide reach to better technology in their future. Film industries has gained a lot of profit and audience over the years due to their utilisation of high tech in film making and almost everyone is interested/engaged in watching movies today, which therefore has made their industry profitable and successful than it was before. Hence, the observations indicates that tech and films goes together in all aspects of degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely since they can show special effects and their display more attractive and it is time and cost saving for the industry.

Yes, many technology ideas have been seen in movies, used by secret agents and sci-fi characters that influence the ideas of tech advance companies.