Stream latest Web series and movies for free using Stremio

2 years ago

Most of us spend our free time by watching TV series or movies but to fulfill our demand we have to pay for various streaming platforms like Netflix,Amazon Prime, Disney+,HBO and many more. People who are unable to afford these expensive streaming platforms often torrent the movies and content of these platforms. The biggest problem in all of these streaming platform is the absence of integrity, you didn't get all your favorite Tv shows and movies at one place.

All of this complication can be easily solved with a awesome and open-source application Stremio.

What is Stremio?

Stremio is media center of all the content you can imagine, it is a huge collection of entertainment at one place in a very organised way. You just have to add the addons of any streaming service and this app will automatically bring the content for streaming. some of the popular addons are :- Youtube, Netflix, HBO,Hulu,iTunes,etc.

How to get Stremio on your device ?

To download stremio just head towards the official website link This app is available on almost every operating system like Windows,linux, mac,android,iOS.

After downloading just register your account using email id or you can login with your facebook account. Stremio has very minimal user interface, you can click on addons option to add your favorite streaming services and you are ready to stream.

Features of Stremio?

  • You can watch TV shows, Movies, TV channels, sports, Audio books, podcasts and many more.
  • It is open source software, you can review the code yourself.
  • It also supports chrome cast from both desktop as well as mobile.
  • 50+ addons to fulfill your entertainment needs.
  • You can also play magnet links just by pasting the link of media.

Is Stremio legal?

Yes Stremio is absolutely legal if you are using reputable addons which does not include piracy and violation of copyright terms & conditions, you can freely enjoy the organized and personalize content.

All of the above mentioned addons are completely legal and safe to use but if someone is not able to afford the streaming services or don't want to pay for it can easily access and stream all the available content using some famous torrent addons like RARBG, The pirate bay, popcorn time etc.

Precautions to take before adding these torrent addons:-

  • Always use VPN to keep your activity private and anonymous.
  • Use a good VPN because some ISP may block or throttle your internet speeds if they found some suspicious downloads.
  • These addons are illegal and Stremio does not ensure your privacy if you will add these torrent addons.

When it come to torrent addons, you can stream anything which is available on torrent like Latest web series, Movies.

The quality of the content is also very good, you can stream 4k,1080p,720p and 480p according to your internet speed.

Currently you cannot download the content present in stremio but it will be buffered in cache, so you can watch it later without streaming it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is available in Windows,Linux,android,iOS.

Yes Stremio is absolutely legal if you use reputable and recommended addons for streaming.