Spiffing PHOTO-EDITING APPS for Android

a year ago

In the ‘click-edit-post’ era, the second word is the paramount chief of the rest. Social media has played its role very well in influencing people. The more people remain active on social media, the more often they try to imitate the trend. People of all ages have become prone to this syndrome of updating their whereabouts on social media through pictures. If you are also one of the crowd who loves to snap the world and want to come up with one of a kind pictures, then bingo! You are at the right place.


It is a light 12 MB application produced by a well-known company Inshot. Inshot is known for its amazing editing apps for both pictures and videos. This very app of Inshot is no less. It comes with 100 free filters and has the feature of double exposure. The biggest hit of this applications is its background removing feature. Background removal is so versatile when it comes to editing a picture, this app comes allows the user to use their creativity in changing the background. It also provides a body modifying tab where you can enhance your body parts like betty, chin eyes, etc. Please find attached the link to the app



It is one of its own kind app that will drive you crazy, believe me. This is the most amazing app for editing so far. It adds life to your picture. When I say life, you need to believe it. This app has an animation feature wherein you can add animations to your picture. For instance, if the backdrop in your picture is a waterfall. On adding animations to the picture, the water in the waterfall starts running keeping you stationary. Isn’t it amazing? It also has an extra overlays feature which allows you to add effects to your existing picture like snowfall, sun rays, autumn fall, etc. In addition to that, it has all the basic filters and features that you need. Please find attached the link to the app



Recently, there has been a great buzz for the line drawing filter or cartoon filter. For those people who love to see a cartoon version of them in a picture, this very app is especially for them. Comica is basically a comic and cartoon maker app with numerous comic filters to transform your picture. Line drawing, black and white, colorful funky pictures are a few of its features. People with cartoon interests should definitely give it a try. Please find attached the link to the app



It is a universal photo-editing application for android. This light manipulating app gives its users a choice to set the entrance of light with lots of filters. People who are fond of clicking nature tends to go for this app for its illuminating feature. It is not just confined to luminescence but also has exceptionally good adjustment tools like brightness, vibrancy, saturation, and many more. In addition to that, it also adds textures to inflate your picture and of course has many additional filters too. Please find attached the link to the app



It is a completely professional photo-editing app. It has more than 40 tile filters- landscape, glamour, glow, lomo, and many more. It helps you to completely remove the background of your picture. You can easily put your picture on out of focus mode, double exposure, mirror image, and other light effects using this app. You can also do doodling on your pictures with an enormous variety of brushes. Please find attached the link to the app


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