Scope of VFX and animation in India

4 years ago

Visual Effects also are known as VFX refers to the procedure of creating imagery using live-action captured with film making. Visual effects deal with the blending of real-life footage and computer-generated imagery also known as CGI to make scenes, which looks sensible; however, would be risky, costly, unrealistic, tiresome or challenging to enact or shoot. Visual effects created with the help of software are available for the movie makers, thanks to the development of cost-effective and simple to use computer software programs.

VFX has been in huge demand recently. Visual effects play a huge role in movies these days, as there is a constant demand from the audience. Bahubali, Robot, Padmavat, M.S Dhoni Ra-One etc. are some of the examples of fantastic movies with great VFX. 

In India, the VFX industry is still growing and with massive growth rate, VFX has opened up a vast career option for us. VFX as a career would a great option for anyone who loves computer, edition and is creative. 

VFX is a creative job but to be honest it is not as easy as it seems. Avengers are loved by everyone and their visual effects are appreciated all over the world, but it took a lot of patience and skills to achieve that. 

If you think you are creative and patient enough then, here are some career options for you:

Layout Artist

Layout artists are the one responsible for how the visuals will look finally. This part falls under the pre-production and visualization process. The job usually requires interpretation and storyboarding of scripts as well as communicating ideas through visual as well as text representations. Layout artist has to take care of the entire layout or scene creation process and give the final cut with different lights, angles etc.

Compositing Artist

Compositing artists are responsible for blending the visuals and effects with the background. It is their job to make it look seamless and make it glitch and disturbance-free, as any glitch or disturbance in the video can destroy the experience of the audience.

Lighting Artist

Lighting artists play an import role in the industry. Lighting artists are responsible for maintaining the perfect amount of lighting to a scene, they ensure that the scene is well lit and the lights are perfectly blended. It is their job to add lights to the scenes, they also work with other elements like lens flare, to give the perfect lighting effects to the scene or image.

Rendering Artist

Currently, rendering artist is in huge demand. An artist can work as a render artist in any VFX studio or production house. Rendering converts any lifeless thing into a reality, thus a render artist should be well skilled in their field. the entire transformation of converting models into visuals completely depends upon the render artist.

Roto Artist

Rotoscoping is tracing of all the frames using digital software. Roto artists have digital freedom of creating scenes as they want that would be otherwise impossible to produce.

Matte Painter

It is one of the most essential technique. Artists have to mix digital paintings and compositing techniques to create perfect visuals that we see in any movie. A matte painter usually takes inspiration from painting, sketches, digital photographs and uses Photoshop or any other suitable digital software to turn that inspiration into a digital painting that looks stunning.

VFX is a very vast field, without which movies these days seems incomplete. It has become a great future and a great career for young minds. To be a professional VFX artist, one needs to take professional training. In India a lot of institutes like MAAC, Arena animation etc. provides certificate courses with great placement opportunities. You should consider VFX as a career option if you are creative, patient and you love movies and computer!

Thank you for reading this article. Hope you have found it useful.

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VFX keeps on developing, so does the skills of any artists as they spend more time and get a hand of the filmmaker's visions. In the beginning, it might seem a bit difficult. But with time and efforts, one can learn VFX.