Realme Air Buds Vs Mi True Wireless earphones2

4 years ago

Today, we will will be comparing recently launched Realme's Air Buds Neo and Xiaomi's Mi True Wireless earphones 2 and tell you which buy will be deal breaker for you.

After a very long time we are getting an economical air buds which have just replicate the style and the design of the exclusive Apple Air pods in the market. Realme's Air Buds Neo are launched at a price of Rs 3,999 and Xiaomi's Mi True Wireless earphones 2 are launched at price of Rs 4,499 , but the company as a part of the introductory offer is offering customers a discount of Rs 500.It is available on online stores at Flipkart and Amazon and at offline stores.

So let's unbox the specifications of Realme's Air Buds Neo and Xiaomi's Mi True Wireless earphones 2.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 vs Realme Air Buds : Look and Dynamics

Realme's air buds looks like Apple Airpods replicating both the buds and the charging case whereas Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 comes in a rectangular case which looks a bit bulkier in design.

Realme case has a physical button and a charging indicator on the front panel whereas the Mi case has button and charging indicator on the side panel .

Realme's air buds have driver of 12mm to the output sound and Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 has a 14.2mm drivers.

Therefore, Realme has a better design and build up quality. Thus easier to carry.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 vs Realme Air Buds : Key Specifications and Features.

Realme Air Buds :-

  • Realme uses R1 True Wireless Chip system which uses a new generation of dual-channel-transmission technology, which makes the fast connection between your phone and your Realme Air Buds Neo. Whether your are listening music or playing games, you'll get an outstanding true wireless experience.
  • Super Low Latency : This is very key feature which makes it stand different from the Mi's wireless earphones is it's super low latency feature .This mode perfectly syncs in between the Audio and Visuals and reducing the latency much by 51%*.
  • Instant Auto Connection with Google Fast Pair : The R1 chips uses the new generation pairing technology , which intelligently detects the Buds air Neo the moment you open the charging case , they connect instantly.
  • 13mm Bass Boost Drivers : The 13mm large sound unit uses high quality build quality to provide deep,powerful bass and clear treble ranges .
  • Intelligent Touch Control :

---> Double Tap : To answer a call , play/pause music playback.

---> Triple Tap : Go to next song.

---> Press and hold one side : End call / voice assistant.

---> Press and hold both side : Enter/exit Super Latency Mode.

(All functions can also be remapped via the realme Link App)

  • 17 Hour Total Battery Life on a single charge this includes 3hrs single music listening time and 1.5 hrs single calling time.
  • Weight : It weighs 4.1g(single earphone)
  • It also have Water Resistant quality which make it different from the Mi's wireless earphones. With a waterproof level of IPX4.
  • It has a wireless range of 30 Ft.(10 Meters).

Mi's True Wireless :-

  • It comes with 14.2mm large speaker which provide a full and deep bass ,the mid-range is soft and natural, while the higher frequencies are bright and clear.Restoring sound details brings you a more pleasant sound experience.
  • Quick and Automatic pop-up pairing : Mi true wireless Earphones 2 are customized to the MIUI. When you open the charging case , a popup window will automatically open for bluetooth pairing .
  • The dual microphone employs an integrated environmental noise reduction technology , which ensures the high definition voice recognition and call quality.
  • LDHC Bluetooth high definition tone technology helps to achieve a near perfect sound performance and quality.
  • Key Feature 1 : Built-in optical and infrared sensors can detect whether you're wearing the earphones in real time.It senses when you put them in your ears and playback will be automatically paused when they're removed.This feature make it all together different from the Realme air buds.
  • Key Feature 2 : Intelligent control:

--->Double Tap on either side : Take/hang up a call.

--->Double Tap on left side earphones : Wake Voice Assistant.

--->Double Tap on right side earphones : Play/Pause in both earphones.

--->To Play/Pause in single ear : Tap the earphone twice.

--->To Pause music : Take of the earphones.

( All these features are altogether make it different from the Realme Buds Air.)

After seeing all the key specs and features of Realme Buds Air and Mi's true Wireless Earphone's 2. Both the products have almost identical feature and are competing eachother in every feature.But to choose out which one is the deal breaker,I think Realme Buds Air has broken the deal in terms of pricing-which is much more economial ,build quality,design-pebble design , long battery backup , its Latency feature , water resistant quality .So you should go with Realme Buds Air.

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