PUBG Mobile Chinese Version gets Erangle 2.0 update

4 years ago

PUBG Mobile Chinese version called as Game for peace finally gets the much awaited update which is Erangle 2.0 with graphical improvement, new graphics engine, revamped buildings and structure, Water reflection and many more. This update was released on June 17 in game of peace, you can expect this new update during the first week of August in Global version.

At this time PUBG Mobile has 4 maps Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, in which Erangle is the most famous map and now with erangle 2.0 they are changing the complete look and feel of the map with new textures, new buildings and complete renovation of the erangel, users are very excited for this new update and are waiting for this update from longtime.

Tencent first launch all the new features and updates for the chinese version and then after some time they launch it for global version also but you have to wait for it atleast 1-2 months, which can be impatient for many users but you also download the chinese version( Game for peace) and enjoy the game before its global release, here is the steps to download and install game of peace on your device :-

  • Download the Game for peace apk.
  • After downloading the game, install the game by enabling the 'install from unknown sources' option.
  • You need WeChat or QQ account to login the game, so create the account before starting the game.
  • Login your account and enjoy the game.

If you can't wait till August you can try Game for peace and enjoy the new Erangle 2.0 update.(ping may be higher than normal)

Now the details of the new Erangle 2.0 which is introduced in the new update.

Graphical Improvement

The most noticeable and prominent change of erangle 2.0 is graphics and visuals, the overall colors of the buildings and environment is saturated and bright which looks beautiful, there are new textures in the inside of building it looks clean and tidy.

Water, sky and vegetation looks incredibly realistic and true to life, now you can also see reflection on the water surface and also in the mirrors of vehicles.

Many new buildings are added in the game, buildings all over the map are completely revamped, windows with glass,new cover for players, more dense grass overall it will completely change the meta of competitive PUBG. Many new layouts like bunker, basement are added in the map, along with graphical changes there are many optimization in game and game weapons to improve the user experience.

Payload 2.0

Payload mode is a famous mode in PUBG with many new vehicle and weapons which are not available in classic mode, this update brings new features like UAV control terminal,Explosion proof suite,Individual soldier radar and weaponized vehicle upgrade on UAZ, Dacia and Buggy to add some extra fun and stats in the game.

They also include two new weapons M202 quadruple rocket and AT4-A laser tracking missile in the payload mode.

If you need to know the more detailed information about this awesome update you can refer to this video of Mr Ghost gaming:-

Frequently Asked Questions

According to leaks and rumors erangle 2.0 will release during the first week of August 2020.