Positive side of online gaming

3 years ago

The lifestyle has changed and so the way to earn money. Though the old ways to earn a living still remain a choice, it's 2020 and now it's time one can earn from blogging, Youtube channel, Instagram and yes even through online gaming. 

Playing games has always been an addiction, but playing video games was never appreciated. At the end of 19s everyone played games like ALADIN, mario, prince, car racing, till last year the most popular game was PUBG. But as mentioned earlier, gaming has never gained the required prizing. A person who can make an app was always admired, but a person who coded games never got any fame. But time has come where passion can really change one's lives. Rather than just sitting on the couch and playing games, let's look at ways to earn from this. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

If you want to be a gamer and a millionaire at the same time, then there are few ways you can earn through online gaming. Like,

1.Video Game Tester: Yes, you got it right. One can get paid for testing the video games. Here your job is to test how good or bad is that particular game. The fact no job is easy applies very well for this job too. You have to test the matrix, the appearance and all other required features like sound effect to make this video game the best. No doubt this job calls for hard work. If you are testing a game which has 10 characters, 3 different swords and 2 battlefields, then the taster has to check every character, sword and even the battle field.

Average Salary: $67,813/- year 

2.Youtube Channel: Youtube has become one of the most popular ways to earn. PewDiePie, JuegaGerman,MrBeast6000, etc are few of the most popular online gamers who have made their living out of Youtube. For running a online gaming channel one should consider following facts:

  • Try to make your videos more interesting by adding some amazing effects.
  • While doing commentary, make it funny and engaging.
  • Help some beginners learn how to play games in a more smart and improved way.
  • Try giving reviews of some new or underrated games or even give updates of any game, to help your audience gain knowledge from your videos.

Being consistent and publishing good content is the key to make your Youtube channel bigger and greater.

Average Salary: $0.10 - $0.30 per view.

3.Game Developer: Few of the gamers may have some suggestions on how a particular game/character can be made more amazing by making some changes while developing it. So becoming a game developer is the perfect choice for these people. You can either do a job, but here you may have to face boss pressure, tedious work load, with no/ less holidays. But there's always a way, you can also work as a self game developer. Some self game developers like Markus Persson and Finn Brice have developed games by themselves and earned around millions and billions.

Average Salary: $83,000.

4.Swagbucks: This site provides various jobs options to earn, like watching videos, shopping, etc. Here you could earn money directly from playing games. One can start with participating in daily featured promotions for different games and start earning. Which is a benefit as you get to earn without any experience. 

5.Customer Service for a Game Company: Are you thinking if this is really a job? Then yes, just like any other company even game companies need people who can work for customer service. Well, this job is not like the other where you have to play games or develop one, here your communication skills matter. You have to be good with people. But also should know all the answers related to customers' questions. 

Average Salary: $13.64 per hour.

So these are few ways in which a game lover can earn and live a life of his/her dreams. It's time to turn your passion into a profession.