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4 years ago

MLM | Network Marketing | Digital Network Marketing

What is Multi level Marketing (MLM) ?

  • As the name suggests network marketing is a digital network marketing platform. MLM is well thought philosophical scientific process of marketing goods and services. Basically it's a marketing platform with our continuous hardwork we can achieve Compounding result.
  • The business model here roles around the Manufacturer then the Distributor and then comes the Consumers. Its removes the retailer from the chain. Thus the commission which retailer charges from the consumer are distributed among the consumer and the distributor. Manufacturer => Distributor => Consumer
  • Multi level marketing has the potential to develop new millionaires who are ready to do hard work in the right direction.

Why MLM has a negative image :-

  • Multi level marketing companies like Sardha Scam , Speak Asia are the root cause for MLM negative impacts.
  • As these companies have a keen interest in money making , rotating the money of members .
  • Secondly the bearers, they always give a false statement against the MLM. They advertise the network marketing in such a negative way that people make a false believe infact for the right networking company.

NOTE: Now Government has passed certain guidelines for the regulation of the trade in the marketing company.

The biggest and the rightmost step for getting success in multi level marketing business is the company you choose. You have to pay atmost attention which company to choose?

Which company to choose? How will you identify which company best suites you?

=> There are 3 main points to keep in mind that will help in selecting the right marketing company | network marketing strategies

  • People and Philosophy
  • Good Product
  • Plane Profit and Payout

=> The right people are the binding force of any company, they will create a right working culture for all the new commers as well as the philosophy refers to the right vision of the company leaders.

=> Company should emphasis on Training methodology .

=> Good product refers to the product which are enjoyable, public favourite, economical, trustworthy.

=>Payout should not be yearly. It should be monthly or weekly.

Network Marketing v/s Corporate World

  • With less salary people their have high motivation but in corporate world despite of high salary , high incentives , high payout , corporate social responsibility people have no motivation/less motivation.
  • Continuous Hardwork => Compounding Result but in corporate Continuous Hardwork => No Compounding Result

Top 10 network marketing companies | Top network marketing companies

  1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
  2. Amway
  3. Herbalife
  4. Forever Living Products
  5. Vestige(Best network marketing company)
  6. Naswiz Retails
  7. Win Nature International Pvt Ltd 
  8. Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd
  9. Modicare
  10. IMC

According to us the no 1 network marketing company is Vestige. This is the fastest growing mlm company fulfilling all the points mentioned above. You all will agree me as Sonu Sharma the iconic model of the network marketing business has joined the Vestige recently. This will clear all your doubt regarding the company. Sonu Sharma network Marketing .

Benefits of Network Marketing:-

1)    Write your own payout Check

2)    Safe Job

3)    With small investment can earn high income

4)    Freedom Of Time

5)    Open Market

6)    Build more relation

7)    Extreme Respect

8)    Recurring Revenue Model

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