Netflix Sees Viewership Spike During COVID-19

4 years ago

As with Xbox Live, STEAM and Nintendo Online Service, Netflix streaming has upped during this time of crisis.

CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos said in a interview

In the interview he said that while streaming was up, production on new content has been disrupted. "Every one of our productions around the world are shut down,” Sarandos said. “I believe that's unprecedented in history.”

This is no reason to be alarmed though. Though shows like The Witcher and Stranger Things are on hold will the crisis abates, Netflix’s business model ensures that most shows are produced way before their release. He did suggest a slow down in new content drops if the situation continues during the course of this year.

Some productions are still working full steam ahead and in unique ways. For the new season of Big Mouth, “(we had) a virtual table read. 40 actors and writers with Netflix executives doing a table read of a new episode. So, people are being quite adaptive on getting ready to--on getting geared up for a time when we do get back to work," Sarandos said.

Netflix has also created a corona virus relief fund for the entertainment industry while agreeing to reduce streaming quality in european region, in an effort to aid industry workers affected by coronavirus and help strained networks cope respectively.

"We're proud to be part of that," Sarandos said. "Which is trying to make that stay-home experience a little more bearable for folks, a little more enjoyable, even, and give some families something to gather around, something for people to talk about, making us feel a little less isolated while we are being physically isolated."