MIVI Collar Wireless Earphones Review 2020

4 years ago

Hello fellas, today in this article I would review the MIVI Collar Wireless Earphones, these earphones come from MIVI. MIVI is a Hyderabad based company. The earphones come with latest Bluetooth 5.0. The earphones have neckband design. Bluetooth earphones are really popular now a days, as they offer wireless connectivity.


The design of MIVI Collar is really cool, it has a neckband style. The earbuds are magnetic, you can stick them together. The neckband is quite thin, which makes these earphones really light in weight. There are two plastic pods on either side of neckband, you can stick your earbuds on them. The MIVI Collar also offers adjustable earpiece wire size. The right side has a micro USB charging port and a multi function button, where as the left side has volume buttons, to decrease or increase the volume. The earphones are really comfortable. The build quality is quite decent.


The MIVI Collar come with latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The earphones have impedance rating of 16 ohms. The bluetooth range is of 30 feet. The earphones has dual pairing support, means you can connect two devices simultaneously. The MIVI Collar also has SIRI and Google Assistant support. The earphones also has AAC ( Advanced Audio Coding ) support on supported smartphones, enabling it gives high quality lossless audio. You can connect two smartphones with this collar neckband, and then use the multifunction button to answer calls from either, and switch between them. The dual pairing is really good feature at this price point. The earphones even have Sweat Proof IPX 4.0 rating.

The multi-function button is really handy, you can perform lot of actions with it, like triggering voice assistant, take and reject calls, on and off the headset. By pressing both the volume buttons together you can even mute the call.

The battery life claimed by MIVI is of 10 hours, on my usage you can easily get 7-8 hours max on 70 percent volume.

The earphones also have vibration, when you turn it on or off, the earphone even vibrates when you receive a call, this feature really comes handy when you are away from your phone, you get alerted by the vibration when you receive a call, isn't that cool.

The sound quality is really decent, but I feel volume is not loud enough. In gaming I found no audio latency issue or audio lags in PUBG gameplay. The bass is decent, and the quality is really good. The audio quality through mic is also good, The earphones also have good active noise cancellation.

The earphones even come with 1 year of warranty support.

Pro's and Con's of MIVI Collar Wireless Earphones -

Pro's -

1) Decent Build Quality

2) Dual Pairing Support

3) Light in weight

4) Comes with latest Bluetooth 5.0

5) Decent Battery Life

Con's -

1) Takes 2 - 2.5 hours to charge

2) Has Micro USB port for charging, No Type C

Conclusion -

I feel they are really good earphones at the price point which they come. The dual pairing is the feature which I love the most, as it enables me to switch easily between my laptop and smartphone audio. The vibration when you receive a call is really a handy feature too. I feel they are the best earphones under Rs 1500 price bracket and you can go for them without any doubt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MIVI Collar supports dual pairing.

MIVI Collar come with latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.