Mind Control technology used in Healthcare

2 years ago

Mind control, most of us learnt this phrase by just watching a lot of movie and series. If you're a supernatural or horror fan you would definitely have at least a knowledge about it. But today I wanted to show you a list where the world is trying to achieve this technology by making a difference in health care. Due to a very limited knowledge in this area the advancement of this technology is the least to say.

Above the image shows a DBS- Deep Brain Stimulator. A DBS is mostly used for people who are suffering from Parkinson, Alzheimer, OCD etc. In a journal called Nature Biotechnology, the authors Patel and Lieber have stated that when treatment involves drugs do not provide any further assistance to any patients. Then the DBS would become a better treatment. DBS is sort of a pacemaker for your brain. When these are connected and impulses are sent to your brain, the patients can gain control of their limbs. This has been seeing growth ever since. Sending electric impulses to the brain and helping in to activate. This method shows more promising results than medication. But most of the patients opt out of this method. This method is also useful for patients who has suffered from stroke, here along with DBS it can help the part of the brain which has been damaged to regain its position for the rhythm of its heart.

Its no surprise that the founder of Tesla would be involved into Healthcare. Elon Musk has introduce neuralink as shown in the image above. This neuralink is connective for brain and computers and it can only help in assisting a person. One of those speciality here is that it can restore paralysis and cure depression and insomnia. Can also help in anxiety. Currently its being tested on pigs. Fingers crossed it would work very well in future.

Kernel by Bryan Johnson, here Kernel is still in its planning face. Here he says that a specific code is ensured for everything, with the help of this instrument he want to tap into these codes and help cure mental disorders. He also talks about having AI support for human brains for people who are suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia for now. But in the future it might help in becoming a super human. He wants to expand the boundaries of human intelligence.

Emotiv has an interface called BCI- Brain Computer Interface. This company collaborated along with Philips which helps people with severe motor restrictions. They help in providing movement for patients who are struggling with neurodegenerative disorders. To get further independence and to lead their life normally.

There are on going studies going in countries, trying to find newer methods to find as well as research into mind control technology in healthcare.