Introducing ComPDFKit PDF SDK

3 months ago

In the past few years, we’ve always been focused on PDF Reader Pro and achieved impressive achievements. And more and more users want to integrate our SDK into their own apps. After in-depth thinking and thorough market research, now we are taking a meaningful step in this area.


Today, we are thrilled to introduce ComPDFKit, a battle-tested product that makes our technology available to anyone. Although this is our first edition, we have drawn on the experience of the market and the basic functions are relatively complete.


ComPDFKit consists of ComPDFKit PDF SDK and ComPDFKit Conversion SDK, and in this article, we present a list of features and related use cases of ComPDFKit PDF SDK. We are going to talk about PDF SDK here.




You can integrate ComPDFKit PDF SDK functionality on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, and the corresponding programming languages are Objective-C (compatible with Swift), Java (compatible with Kotlin), and C#.


Here are a large set of features that ComPDFKit PDF SDK comes with:


Standard page display modes, including scrolling, double page, crop mode, and cover mode.

Navigation with thumbnails, outlines, and bookmarks.

Create, edit and remove annotations, including notes, link, free text, line, square, circle, highlight, underline, squiggly, strikeout, ink, and stamp.

Support for annotation appearances.

Supported form fields: push button, check box, radio button, text field, combo box, list box, and signature.

PDF manipulation, including split pages, extract pages, and merge pages.

Page edit, including delete pages, insert pages, crop pages, move pages, rotate pages, replace pages, and exchange pages.

Encrypt and decrypt PDFs, including permission setting and password protected.


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