Instagram creators can earn online

4 years ago

On the wednesday update of instagram they have enabled a new tool to earn money from the video which creators post.It is basically introduced to create a competitive type environment among creator and they can now also get earning through the adds.

Instagram already have feature of business promotion in which you can endorse any brand on your post which help as a double side earning,now can giveaway badge while their online broadcasting to the viewer.

They will start broadcasting add on the IGTV videos from which 55 percent of the revenue will directly go to the creator and rest to the instagram

As an starting test of trail some selected creator are allowed the new add based revenue system which are Avani Gregg, Eitan Bernath and Salice Rose, rising stars who built much of their followings on social video phenomenon TikTok, owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance.

Same feature was introduced by the Facebook back in 2018 for the creator to capitalize their loyal fan base and same thing was seen on youtube,patreon and twitch which is a live streaming platform

Instagram'COO Justin Osofsky said that the badges will be sold on the three point bases $0.99, $1.99 and $4.99 with manny several dozen users next month.He also said that they are not planning to offer premium subscription for exclusive content

"Nor was it aiming to lure big-name figures to the platform with licensed original content", he said, "although it had started covering production costs for a small number of content producers over the past several months".

"We're trying to test out this direct contribution model between people and creators, and then we'll see what makes sense to evolve," said by Osofsky.

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