Indian photographers you have to follow on Instagram

3 years ago

For everyone using Instagram. We know that it has and will promote bright and wonderful people who aspire to be brilliant photographers. This list shows you the aesthetically pleasing Indian photographers of Instagram.

sho_otup : shootup

This photographer remains unknown but his photos are inclined more to the nature aspect. This page also mostly shows us that the pictures are taken from iPhone.

lewisgallery_ : Anelda Lewis

Anelda Lewis is an amazing bibliophile. She has an amazing dark academia aesthetic. The photos are amazing. You can further look at her page.

gaurav.punj : connect with himalayas

This travelling company has covered most of the Himalayas and Varanasi. This page has so many photos related to the mountains and the scenery in Himalaya. Check out their page.

meinbhiphotographer : Nishchay

This travel photographer is amazing at showing the different places and the way it is presented is amazing. Each city is uniquely captured by the photographer. Check out his page.

varun.aditya : Varun Aditya

Varun here is an avid nature as well as animal photography. He also won the Natgeo Nature Photographer of the year 2016. He is constantly surrounded by wildlife. Checkout his page.

• josephradhik : Joseph Radhik

Joseph is an fashion photographer and has his own style of taking photos. He has his own agency where he works with celebrities and model. Check out his page.

anjan.ghosh : Anjan Ghosh

Here he catches the glimpse of people all over India and portrays stories of them. He captures all of these in a blissful way. Check out his page.

This is the list, there is lot more but it wouldn't fit cause there are many unknown out there .