How Visual Effects have changed the entertainment industry?

4 years ago


Entertainment has always been a part our society from the very beginning. Musical dances around the fire were one of the most ancient form of entertainments in human history. But, with time form of entertainment changed. People started to realise the visual importance of entertainment. So they developed stage plays, theatre, opera and musical concerts. Later, with the invention of camera a totally new era of entertainment began. Great legendary actors of mid 20th century like Dilip Kumar, Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn etc. showed their blissful performances on big screen and contributed to the very era.

But, there was something missing! As Cinema is all about creating an imaginary plot where people (i.e. actors) play their characters to create a visualization over audience's mind. But, the plot and story lines weren't able to stretch their limits as the whole concept of cinema was based on imagination and creativity. So to expand the horizon of imagination into cinema, visual effects came into existence.


Visual effects (abbreviated as VFX) is the process by which visual imagery is created or illustrated outside the context of a live action shot in filmmaking for meeting up the creator's imagination. The integration of live action footage and computer generated elements to create realistic visualization is called VFX.


  • Visual effects plays a very vital role in general. Some of the key points are as follows-
  • projecting certain objects
  • creating virtual set up for the plot
  • change the back ground scenes
  • substitute actors from one place to another
  • project fractional changes
  • build sets that are impossible to be built in real life
  • expand the existing set
  • Creating whole imaginary situations
  • Creating fully animated videos

Apart from these, visual effects are changing the cinema for audiences in many more ways, whether it's the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex of Jurassic park or gauntlet of Thanos. It's changing the visual interpretation of audience in a very positive sense. The ability to create and present someone's imagination into something real which people can experience is somewhat seems so unreal but at the same time being actually real is a crazy thing.

 Do anybody have ever imagined that one day they are going to get attached with visually created characters such as Shrek of Toy Story or Lightning McQueen from Cars?

The impacts of visual effects are so big that it is on the verge of creating impossible.


Earlier in cinematographic history visual effects were introduced with movies like blade runner, king kong, space odyssey etc but the visual effects in these movies weren't able to bridge the gap between the reality and visual creativity. There was a barrier at that time which wasn't able to merge the two essential components of cinematographic experience. This barrier was "Technology".

but with the advancement in technical machinery, virtual effects took a completely new turn and this new turn was seen in 1993 when first installment of Classic Jurassic park trilogy was released. It completely blew the mind of common audience. Visual effects of Jurassic park were so good that it gave film creators a standard mark to compete. From there onwards VFX industry started to rise enormously and is still growing. Visual effects also introduced fully computer generated movies known as CGI movies. These computer generated visual effects also played a very important role in gaming, animation and television industry.


Special effects are the type of cinematic effects which are applied during the onset production unlike, visual effects which are carried out in post production process.

Artificial visuals or mechanical effects (such as props, harness, stunts etc.) introduced into a movie for creating a real dilemma. The earliest special effects were created through special camera lenses and various tricks like projecting a moving background behind the actors were used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using VFX we can create scenes and animate things which can be impossible or costly to afford.