How to use smartphone as remote mouse

3 years ago

Using smartphone as a remote mouse is very helpful as it during presentations, where you want to control sitting at a place instead of much inefficient way of going and changing slides again and again. Apart from this, if you're working in café, you'll need to carry a mouse, keyboard or any other accessories along with your laptop but with smartphone you can skip all the accessories.

The Best apps for Smart mouse:

  • Unified Remote
  • Remote Mouse
  • PC Remote
  • KiwiMote
  • Team Viewer
  • Chrome Remote Desktop

How to install:

  1. Download and install ant apps from the list above onto your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Now, install the same app's PC version onto your computer, following the in-app installation instructions.
  3. On your mobile device, allow the requested permissions to the app.
  4. Now, select the activities which you will be performing using the smart mouse app.
  5. Once you're done, you'll see left mouse key(LMK), right mouse key(RMK) and scroll wheel in the bottom of your app, the space above is the mouse trackpad.

Now, you can use smartphone as remote mouse while in café or during a presentation or if your trackpad isn't working. And yeah! You can activate multi-touch function by checking the option from the settings in the mobile app.

You can also use smartphone as remote keyboard by clicking the on the keyboard icon on top right corner of the app after you have connected your Android to your PC. Control music, switch between apps, type, and navigate to menus using Android as mouse and keyboard apps and iOS as mouse and keyboard apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can connect to your mac using iPhone, download the iOS version of the app and connect to your PC.