How To Use Instagram Hashtags For Better Reach

2 years ago

Do you know how your Instagram Hashtag will help you extend or expand the reach of your post for a feature? Hashtags are an effective way through which your public account could gather eyes of your targeted audience and how it could reach out to the maximum audience creating a better engagement on your posts. It helps you build strategy about getting the right followers to land on your post and build a community in an effective way.

Instagram is a platform where millions of users, communities and businesses are growing, sharing their work and putting into action the various promotional activities that needs attention of a targeted audience to have know-how of their posts. Hashtags are the way which helps people navigate from one certain section to the other. They are an effective tool for growing and increasing engagement. Branding and visibility are very important which should be given proper direction to channelise and expand your reach.

However you are not required to post it on every post but do it if you want to make your publication more popular and effective to the interested ones.

Here are some of the ways you can drive your published post in a fruitful manner.

How does it work?

  • Connecting like-minded users:  Instagram is a huge platform for the people having diversity of posts and promotional activities. When you publish a post and add relevant hashtags to it, it brings all the users who directly or indirectly want to have a look of the collection of photos and videos that are tagged under the same hashtag. It helps like- minded people to come across various posts and videos that are linked to the hashtag.
  • Widens reach: Attaching right hashtags let your post or story have a wide variety to reach the right content or relatable content. Say suppose, you have posted a travel picture of Eiffel Tower on the instagram and have used #eiffeltower #cityoflove as your hashtag, the post would be collected under the same catalogue and let people see your post along with other similar posts.
  • Helps knowing your audience: Pinning the right hashtag under your post helps gain audience who actually wants to see the content and is your right audience. When users land on your post through a tag, they often end up having a look at your other posts on your profile and even help in gaining right sort of a follower.
  • Helps in getting featured: When right people are engaged through the hashtag you have put, it leads to bring you to the platform where a particular community you wanted to target gives space to your post and further helps in reaching out to an ample amount to people who can see it once you get an identity through a known public figure account.
  • Setting out trends and campaigns: It is the most effective way one can set trend or gather a large community to have all the eyes on your new set trend with a particular hashtag of your own. For example, #blacklivesmatter was a campaign started out to raise awareness to a particular issue and bring out a certain community to ponder thoughts and be aware of such campaigns running.

What to do?

Number of Hashtags recommended: There is a limit of attaching maximum 30 hashtags in a post and maximum 10 in a story. Although one can put all 30 into one post but it is recommended to put 10- 11 hashtags only for a better reach and target audience to be engaged to your post or story. Choose hashtags carefully and avoid using them very much. If you find 30 very relevant hashtags then only put them otherwise keep it neat and tidy and a post of relevance.

Find related hashtags: Do not put yourself in a trap of putting all kinds of tags in one post. Know your target community and write relevant hashtags so that the post doesn’t get lost in a pool of other similar posts. You insert tags of other hashtags only when you want diverse areas of users to see the post or your published post contains wide variety of communities who you think, your post should reach to. Tag a brand you wish to have attention of or create new ones related to it and you would have a better stuff to present to the public.

Decide the target: Know your audience and try to drag users to your accounts who are related and who will further help designate them to fulfill your purpose along with their own. Each content should be composed of a short caption along with few hashtags to organize and categorize. Put your content to reach out to a particular section that search for such keywords and phrases associated to it. For instance, a food blogger may use #foodforlife and along with it tag a restaurant’s hashtag.

Use of generic terms: Instagram is a social network where readers find it an optimum medium to showcase and flourish their work which could be seen by many while maximizing content interaction. Use of generic terms can lead to a better widespread of information to various walks of people.

Like, use of #environment by an NGO for planting some number of trees. It helps in grabbing attention of people who search generally for generic terms to land into a particular hashtag.

Post on comment section: It is an added advantage when you put hashtags on comments other than the post as it helps in getting more engagement of the audience who are in search of relevant hashtags. You know what you get a priority of getting it seen the most as compared to the traditional way of using it only in your post. It is an additional way of getting more attention of the readers associated with it. It boosts the engagement of the audience and in return helps in gaining followers.

Use instagram hashtag suggestion: Instagram has a feature where it lets you find and insert tags which are relevant to your post. Use this opportunity given and you would never regret for the gift it has for you. Know what you want to serve to the people and come out with better engagement.


Writing frequent hashtags:  It is not recommended to write the same hashtag again and again for a different post or a story as by practicing it; it would lead to the same number of people watching your feed again and again. It is considered as a stagnation point when you are not able to bring in more viewers to your feed.

Note: You can find recent hashtags when you write a particular one and instagram searches for you all the hashtags that you have been using so far. So, this could be a way of checking that you are not making the mistake again and again or otherwise you will be under the category desperate finders.

Editing frequently for recent posts:  Instagram doesn’t let you make a reach to a frequent post when you add or edit something on your post. If you further add any tag and publish it again, it would show the original time of posting rather than pushing your post up in recent posts category. It won’t bubble up your post for recency.

Keeping post clingy: This social media is meant for users who find aesthetic as their major thing to look upon Instagram. Keep your post neat and clean and avoid using long captions and pooling your post with irrelevant hashtags just to increase reach. By doing this, the post lacks its purpose.

NOTE: If your post demands long caption and you can’t help avoid this, you can add breaks between your captions and hashtags. This will make your post clean as well as well understandable to the targeted ones.


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So, Hashtags are very important for giving direction to your post and serving the communities the best you could do for them. Surely by keeping in mind the above things you would have a better and thorough experience of the use of hashtags. Remember it is not about making it seen by a large number of people but surely ensure that it reaches to the ones who are actually find relevance to what you wanted to present. The right content will reach out to right people only when you know how to optimize the use of hashtags effectively. Also, community tags helps you cater large number of audience but brand tags connect to the theme or the essence the audience is searching for.

Keep creating posts and stories to attract followers and generate visibility of like minded users to use the most popular social network efficiently. Expand your social reach with these do’s and don’ts to have better connectivity of your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's important for giving direction to your post and serving the communities the best you could do for them

The detailed blog is here. Just read it

Avoid using long captions will help in making the post neat and clean.

Generic hashtags can generate more visibility in a publication