How to play GTA 5 on Android using Netboom

2 years ago

Updated Article - How to play GTA 5 on Android using Netboom

I know you will think is it possible to play PC games on mobile, if it possible than which gaming smartphone is needed to play these games, all these questions will be answered in this article, firstly yes you can play Grand theft auto 5 and many popular and demanding title of PC on your Android smartphone, this article is not a clickbait. Today i will show you how to play high resource demanding games on your smartphone easily.

As we know the smartphones are getting faster and powerful but they are nowhere near to the high end gaming PC in term of CPU and GPU performances, so honestly you cannot play these high end games on your mobile due to hardware capabilities but there is a way to experience PC gaming on smartphone using Cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming in which games runs on remote servers and streams directly to the user, user have all the control over the server machine to play the game. Only thing that is required in cloud gaming is Fast internet and a device to play, remember there will be slight delay in pressing a button and action performing due to the distance between server and user. Faster the internet connection lower the latency which leads to a enjoyable PC gaming experience without actually owning a gaming PC.

Netboom is Cloud gaming technology in which you can experience PC gaming on any device, anytime and anywhere. you don't need high end gaming mobile to play PC games, just a Android mobile with good internet will do this. Currently it is only available for Android but it is coming soon for iOS and other Windows. You can download Netboom from playstore for free.

There is no need need to download or install the games, just download a 15MB app from playstore a enjoy the PC gaming experience without having a gaming rig. They have great high end machines for users to play any PC game on ultra settings on their mobiles remotely. They offered high-end configuration with top of the line gaming hardware with upto 4k at 60 fps gaming.

How to use Netboom

  1. Download the Netboom application from playstore which is of size 15 Mb only.
  2. Sign up your account, you can use Gmail,Facebook or Mobile number to create a new account.
  3. After login you will see a list of popular PC games, just click on play button.
  4. To play game you need Gold balance( 100 Gold= 1 Hour of game play time), you can purchase gold from app using Gpay. here is the pricing of gold coins (200 gold for 2 dollars or 2400 gold for 20 dollars)
  5. You can also play on free trial with 1 hour limit daily which is quite good, just click on free trial it will lead you in to a Queue or waiting list.
  6. Wait until your turn, this can take a while so keep patience because the gaming experience will be worth it. you can also upgrade your line using gold coins for faster line.
  7. When the queue number becomes zero,you will enter the server where you have full access to the system. you can select any game and play it and you can also connect mouse and keyboards to your phone for the best experience.
  8. Logout when you finish the gaming.

For best experience you need fast internet connection with very low ping, there are so many controls is the menu where you can place virtual buttons on your mobile screen to play games,adjust the Streaming quality according to your internet connection and enjoy your favorite games on your mobile.

List of Popular Games in Netboom :-

  • Grand theft Auto 5
  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • Apex legends
  • CSGO
  • Call of duty: Black ops 4
  • PUBG

Netboom support plenty of games, just connect to play these exciting PC games. For VIP member 100 gold/hour and for non-VIP member 150 Gold/hour. if you logout from from cloud computer within 15 minutes, you will get your 75 gold back and if you play between 15-30 min, you will get 50 gold back. Exceeding 30 min will be considered as one hour and if you face any technical issue you can contact them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is possible to play GTA 5 on android using Cloud gaming, in which the game is directly streams to the user from the remote servers which require high speed internet for best experience.

No you don't have to download or install the game, cloud gaming does not take your device storage to play a game.