How To Play GTA 5 On Android Smartphone

6 months ago

Games have started to play many important roles in our lives. It is now being used for various purposes. First of all, it can be used as a get together point to have some fun. This can happen when some friends are living in different corners of the world. Second, it is also sometimes used for simply entertainment purposes while being alone. It is also used sometimes for experiencing new creative environments. For example, some puzzles do provide us with an imaginary and exciting world. With new technology, we have even more options. For example, now we have games in VR. There are games like GTA5. Games like GTA5 on mobile are coming very soon in future. We have games with better graphics and even better controllers and consoles. These things enhance our gaming experience even more.

But among all of these, there are many gaming titles. Some of them have created a special place in our hearts. One of them is GTA. It stands for Grand Theft Auto. Since its launch in 1997, it has been able to climb the popularity charts very quickly. It is currently in its fifth version which was launched in the year 2013.

It was launched for Xbox as well as PS platforms. But now several cloud gaming platforms are making it possible to play it on PC and many other devices. Games like GTA5 on android can be played indirectly on our mobile devices. But officially it is still not on the iOS or Android platform.

So today we will look at some steps which can enable us to play this wildly popular game on android smartphones.

Using the Remote Play functionality of the PlayStation

If you do have a PS4 lying around in your house then you are in for a great surprise. This is because PS4 owners can play this game on their mobile phones. All of this is possible if you do have a legit copy of GTA5.

Install the PS compatible remote play application on your smartphone from the Google play store. (This is the very first and important step for “how to play gta5 on android?”)

Now, open the application.

Activate the option of remote play on your PS4.

(This can be done by getting into the settings of the android device and clicking on the remote play connection option. Then select enable remote play.)

Now log in to the account which you have on your PS and which has a GTA5 game in the library.

Now you can easily play GTA5 on your android device with a good internet connection for smooth gameplay because there is still no info on a release date for GTA5 on mobile.

Using Steam 

This can happen if you have GTA5 in your Steam library.

First of all, install the Steam link application on your smartphone.

Then log in to the account which has GTA5 in the library.

Then link the application with the connected PC.

Now click on the Start Playing button.

This will change the application into full-screen mode. Then the application will mirror your PC.

Now select GTA and enjoy your game.

Now you can play your game smoothly on your android device. One added tip would be to use the same Wi-Fi connection for both devices. This will ultimately help in improving the quality of gameplay of GTA5 on Android.

Xbox Gamepass

This is a lifesaver for those who have an Xbox Gamepass subscription. The steps to play a game on an android device are much easier for those who have an Xbox Gamepass. Also, the only special thing to note here is that you will need an Ultimate pack subscription to Gamepass. Now let’s have a look at the steps involved.

First of all, install the Xbox app for android on your smartphone.

Now Log in to the account that has an Ultimate subscription of Xbox in your library.

Browse the library and reach your desired game of GTA5 on mobile.

Select the game and click on Play.

So now after looking at all these steps we can easily say that playing GTA5 on mobile is relatively easy. But the only downside is the requirement of a stable internet connection in some cases. The second thing that needs to be taken care of is the requirement of any subscription. This subscription would be of the service which you will prefer for the purchase of the GTA5 game. Then there is also a requirement of a hand-held device which should have long battery life. This last thing will help you in enjoying your game GTA5 on android even more. So all things considered, we can play GTA5 n android. We cannot directly install GTA5 on mobile. But we can play it using the above-mentioned methods. So do try these steps today, for an excellent gaming experience of your favourite game.  

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no way to download GTA5 on android.

No, there is still no speculation on the release date of GTA5 for android.

You cannot find the apk for GTA5 for android as it has not been released yet for android.

There is no website where we can find links for downloading GTA5 on mobile.

The steps in this article clearly explain the method to play GTA5 on android.