How to install Youtube Vanced on your Android Smartphone

2 years ago

Youtube is a popular entertainment app and most of us spend our free time using it but there are many things that annoys user like annoying adds, no PIP mode, video get closed when you turn of the power button, Limited resolution for mobile user etc. Most of these problems can be easily fixed if you but youtube premium subscription but it is a bit costly ( about 120 INR/ month). There is a simple and very effective solution for all these problem which is Youtube Vanced app, just install youtube vanced and enjoy all the premium features for free along with extra features like no resolution restrictions and forced HDR video quality standards.

Youtube vanced is the best modded version of youtube with amazing features and you also don't need to worry about the security concern of the app as it is the most trusted and popular app. Here is the quick instruction to install youtube vanced on your device.


  1. First of all download the latest version of vanced manager app from official website of youtube vanced, here is the direct download link of the app download youtube vanced.
  2. Open Vanced manager and click on MicroG install and provide the permission to install the app from unknown sources. Note:- chances are if you are using a Xiaomi device with MIUI, it will create an error during the installation of MicroG. for this just turn off the MIUI optimization from developers option of your device.
  3. Now install the Vanced app from the vanced manager, it will download and install the app automatically. You can choose the langauage and themes on your personal preferences. There are two themes available Light+dark and Light+ black.
  4. Well, you are pretty much done with the installation only thing left is signing in your gmail account.

After the recent update of youtube vanced app, there is a problem in sign-in process but don't worry we have got you covered. If you are unable to sign in your gmail account just follow the given steps.

Steps to sign in your account in youtube vanced app:-

  • Open the app and click on account window at the top right corner.
  • Remove your google account if it is connected to the Vanced MicroG, simply go to settings>>Users and Account>>Vanced MircoG>>Select your account and remove it.
  • Now enter your gmail id and password in the youtube sign in page.
  • Thats it you are done with sign in.

Now enjoy the premium features of youtube for free and improve your watching experience without any interruptions.

Features of youtube Vanced:-

  • No annoying adds.
  • Picture in picture mode for watching youtube while doing other tasks on your smartphone.
  • Can play videos and songs even with turning your screen off.
  • No Resolution Limitations for mobile users.
  • Forced HDR video quality standards to enhance your viewing experience.

If you encounter any problem during installation or sign in process, feel free to comment your questions and suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes youtube vanced is trusted and popular app, also it is the best modded version of youtube for non-rooted devices.

No you don't need root access to use youtube vanced app.