How To Earn Money As A Designer

3 years ago

Being a designer, you have in yourself a creative impulse to create things that you are passionate of and in return you can utilize that skill to earn a good amount of money in your field. Being a designer needs a lot of creativity along with proper knowledge of technical skills and market trends. Market trends are very important in knowing how to go with the flow and create things that are accepted by the people in coming future. Being updated with recent and upcoming trends and needs of the people will let you gain money. Now a days, designers and artists have redefined unconventional ways of earning money by merely following what they love to do on social media and making a brand themselves. You can catch this opportunity even through the unconventional ways of earning money and even at home!

Here are some of the ways a designer can earn money:

Being a Fashion Designer

Become An Online Stylist:

Being a Fashion Designer, you would definitely have love for creating garments but also have keen sense of arranging different elements of fashion ensemble to become a stylist. For this job you would require to have a good knowledge of fashion brands and awesome styling skills to put them into good use. You can get a real world opportunity to make use of a great money making skills you have. Being an online stylist does not require you to have any investment or pay anything. Shopping stores such as Pantaloons and Shopper’s stop and other designer brands hire stylists at stores to give their customers a service in which they could get expert advice from a stylist who could help them in choosing what would fit their body style. There are global websites like Keaton Row for the upcoming stylists to give advice and style the clients as per their requirement.

This Expert can be you by utilizing your sense of fashion and helping clients to have a good fashion sense that can be representable. You can also have assistance under an expert stylist for proper guidance and support for gaining experience. Later, you can apply for these websites or stores for the first hand experience of the skills that you have and become a professional designer.

Work For Brands Or Companies:

You can start your career for designing for beginners and startup brands. Give worthy services of design to them and build contacts. This would help you brush up your skills. The small startups give you freedom of work and let you be more creative to come up with great designs you always wanted to make. In this way you would enjoy your work being appreciated more and develop a sense of pride for the work you have done. You can also work under famous fashion designers if you have good contacts within the fashion industry.

Work As An Illustrator:

If you posses great software skills and hand skills you can always have an added advantage of knowing things better and work efficiently. Illustrations are in demand these days and being a good illustrator you can work for a brand for making illustrations only. They hire designers or illustrators on freelance basis to make beautiful illustrations for posting it on social media account and websites. This could be a good opportunity for you to work from home benefits and earn a good amount of money out of your interest.

Offer Online Services:

You can always work within the comfort of home by offering online designing services. It is a simple method where you can advertise online for the services you are providing to the customers like customization, styling etc and ask them for measurements online, send you the money and you can in return avail them services by sewing and designing it for them. You can have all the necessary equipment's at you home and deliver services that are up to the mark as per your clients. Get in touch with your clients through online mediums and earn money sitting at home.

Being a Graphic Designer

Give Print Services:

Being a graphic designer is an advantage in today’s world as it is a vast area where you can explore to the core. Be it printing services, stationeries, diaries, calendars, logo design, website design, UI/UX design they have a wider horizon to work on. One such way you can earn money by making prints that can be used on t-shirts. Many companies hire freelancers for doing one such service. There is a website called RedBubble where you can upload your designs and the site gets the right to sell your designs. You can select the mark up price as your profit on the designs you have uploaded and are being sold by the site. Let your designs come to life through these websites and earn money for your design.

Work As A Freelancer:

This is the best way to utilize time and earn money for the hardwork you do. Websites like Upwork,, fiverr, Toptal are one such sites where sellers are there who propose work and gives opportunities to the graphic designers, UI/UX designers, Logo designers, motion graphics designers to join the platform and serve them with good designs. Here you can bid for the work that you can provide to them and earn money through graphic designing. Professional designing service can be served through this medium and you can earn money online through fixed price contract.

Freelancing helps you try out various things instead of being stuck at a 9 to 5 job and lets you work on your own pace and get paid for it,.

Make Your Page On Social Media:

This is the way where you can be working for yourself and yet earn money for your work through clients. You can provide services on the page you have made on Instagram and people can DM you for providing work for them. You can also collaborate with various other artists and expand your reach through the work you do.

You can give services like stylish logo design and logo freelancing, visual designing, calligraphy, creative brochers, personal branding logos and cute sticker prints for respective clients. Now a days Instagram has become a source of earning money for creative web designers and for other graphic design projects. Through blogging you can share design advice by publishing tutorials, creating new relationship with designers and creative artists and of course attract referrals. Making logo designs for small startups, website designing, UI/UX design for mobile applications can help you earn money in the best possible way.

Being a Product Designer

Selling Handmade Products On Etsy:

If you are someone who loves to make handmade products then Etsy is one such platform where you can get potential buyers for your hand work. It is an amazing platform where you can sell your designs and earn money online. You can even sell your DIY products here and be creative at the same time.

Get Into Freelancing:

It is an effective way for designers to do their job and give services to the people who require it by being creative and utilizing your skills of software to the maximum. Explore websites that give you options to freelance and you can even bid for your service as product designing is a skill that is not cheap.

Involve Into Product Packaging For Brands:

You can grab this opportunity of working with the brands to design or redesign product packaging for them. It could be an amazing opportunity to work on contract basis. Product packaging is the field that is widely growing as marketing of products depend upon product’s outer look. So you can grab this opportunity as a product designer.

Work As Fashion Accessory Stylist:

Working as accessory stylist at fashion shows can be fruitful for the upcoming fashion accessories designers. They have abundant knowledge of fashion accessories and that can be utilized in deciding which accessory goes with which garment. Such advisers are in demand these days. Work as headgear designers in fashion shows, collaborate and show up your skills which can earn you a lot of money by working in such projects.

Many designers and artists don’t care about money and work for themselves to satisfy their creative thirst. But it is important to work for money as it would make you more competitive and self satisfaction would be more. You would be able to work in an environment where you would be freer to learn and serve better to the world and come up as a budding designer. So, get, set, and design!

Frequently Asked Questions

Websites like, fiverr, toptal, upwork, truelancer posts proposals and hire designers on freelance basis.

You can post services you can provide for any client and promote your post through promotions through Instagram.

You can sell products on Etsy by making an account and putting up the markup price for your product because Etsy charges some fee from your product to sell your merchandise. Etsy will notify you how a client has shown interest and will further notify you to sell it through the account.