How to Download paid Playstore apps and games for free

4 years ago

Google Playstore is a collection of enormous amount of useful and interesting apps and games which can be free or paid,some apps contain adds and some apps charges some amount to use their services.Generally we hesitate to spend money on apps and games because some apps don't worth the spending,so users try to get the apps and games for free but they adopt the method of piracy which compromise the security of the mobile phone and may infect your device with malware and viruses. fortunately there are many ways to download paid apps and games for free legitimately without compromising security.

Piracy is illegal and unsafe,so we suggest not to use torrent or any other downloading sites to get paid apps,you can lose all your data or credentials which can cost you more than the actual cost of the app which ironically you are getting for are some legit methods and ways to get favorite apps and games for free.


Google opinion reward is a free app on google playstore which is the best method to buy paid apps for free, In this app you have to answer several survey or questions according to your preference and by answering them you can earn credits or cash which you can spend in playstore to purchase any app without investing a single penny. The survey will be based on your recent visited location or trip, youtube, your opinion regarding any service or gadget( your likes or dislikes), your recently visites hotel or restaurant but for this you have to provide location permissions to the apps in order to track your activities.

Surveys will be quite frequent if you travel a lot, you can also use the earned credits to purchase e-books, movies and songs on playstore. Remember you can't withdraw this money, you can only use it for purchasing playstore apps and services and also you can spend your credits in in-game purchases( for ex:- you can use it for purchasing UC in PUBG Mobile for free).

Tip:- For frequent and high revenue surveys you have to be honest with your answers and when you visit any popular place in your locale always enable your location services.

Download Google Opinion rewards


AppSales is a free app on playstore which offers an easy and convenient ways to find and download the best apps and games on sale or free for a limited period of time. It keep track of all the ongoing sales of the popular games and apps in a personalized way,there are 5 tabs in the app to help you to get your favorite app and games for free or on sale.

first there is a highlight tab which include all the apps and games with included discount on the basis of your preferences, then there is Now Free tab which list all the apps and games which are free for a limited time, you can find your desired app and download it for free legitimately. One of the best features of this app is you can make watchlist of your favorite apps and games, and it will notify you whenever there is a price drop on that particular app. There is also a chart menu in which all the paid apps and games are ranked according to their popularity,rating and downloads.You can also filter the apps and games on the basis of Max Discounts, Ratings and Minimum downloads.

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AppsFree is a free app on Playstore which helps you to discover paid apps, games and icon packs that are free for a limited time, it is somewhat similar to AppSales but it is slightly better than AppSales because of more refined filtering options and more personalized options. In AppsFree you can dismiss all the unwanted apps just swiping left or right and these apps will be added in dismissed list so you can never see them again. You can search apps and Games on the basis of categories( such as Action, Music, Arcade etc) which will provide your favorite apps and games for free in no time.

Download AppsFree


Google provides various coupons to promote their services and apps, you can find these coupons in Playstore's Notifications area. They provide free credit to you which can be claimed only for a particular app and game, you will get these coupons time to time and use them to get some discount on various apps, such as free credits to spend on E-books,Music.

note:- These promotional coupons are valid for one time use only for a particular google playstore account.


Reddit is a American social news aggregation and content rating and discussion site in which many registered people post content in form of link, images and posts.There are many active subreddit for Google Playstore apps and games deals, sometimes they are available for free or sometimes with a discounted pricing.You have to search for a particular app in search menu and all the threads related to that keyword will be shown to you, just explore them to get best deals and discount for your searched apps or games.


Beta testing Catalog is free app on PlayStore which provide you the handpicked selection of the best Android applications for beta testing, Beta testing is the second phase of Program testing in which developer provide app to a limited audience to test or exploit the bugs of a app or game. TestingCatalog is a community of beta tester and developers exploring Android Applications and providing feedback to the developer team in order to fix the bugs.Generally beta testing programs are free, you can test the application for free and when the final or stable version releases chances are you can get it for free.This app will provide you the list of all the apps and games which are in beta phase and the developers who are searching the audience to test their applications.

Download Beat TestingCatalog

All the above mentioned methods are Legit and does not involve any piracy and security breaches,We don't recommend torrent and other pirated websites because of security related issues.

If you are willing to take risk ,doesn't care about security relates issues and don't have patience to wait for sales and offers, here are home sites to download paid apps and Games for free without wasting any time.

One of the most popular pirated sites to download paid games and apps for free are:-

here you can find almost any Apps and games for free which are paid on Playstore. Just search for a particular application and download it, you can also download mod or hacked apks from this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Software development Beat testing refers to the second phase of software testing in which developer provide software to a limited amount of eligible audience to test the applications and provide feedback on the app usage experience.

To increase surveys in Google Opinion rewards always enable your location service whenever you visit a mall,Restaurant,Trip or any popular place in your locale, and also fill the survey with complete honesty.