How to convert Old Wifi as Wifi extender | Wifi repeater

2 years ago

Today we are with an awesome trick that will extend your Wifi signal , boost the Wifi signal. As we place our Wifi at a particular place. But its signal become weak as we move away from the router. So, here comes the need of our trick in which you can use your older router as an access point that's you can use your older router as wifi signal booster. Thus its work as a wifi extender.

For this you just have to perform basic settings and you can boost wifi signal. This method is called as turn huawei router as repeter.

This trick will work for all routers (Tenda router, DLink router, Netis router, Tplink router, netgear router, linksys router, Huawei router and may more).

We will differentiate the old router and original router as Student wifi and Master router.

No network cable | ethernet cable needed

Prerequists:-(To be done only with Old Wifi)

  • Disconnect the Student router (old wifi) from the network cable , just connect the power supply.
  • Press the reset button that is present at the back of wifi router.
  • It will get back into its default settings


1) First of all know your IP Address of Master Wifi this is usually given at the back of the router. If not given then scroll down below and find yours on the basis of your wifi company.

2) Now open the basic setting page of your router. Generally its |

3) Now search the LAN setting in the Configuration page.

4) Now just enter the ip address of the Master wifi by adding 1 in the last digit in the configuration page of older router.

(Example- Let the master wifi ip address is then your new address will be

5) Disable the DHCP server. As its only needed in Master wifi.

6) Now save and reboot the student wifi.

7) Now the configuration page of old wifi will be

8) Now search for wireless settings in the advance setting in the configuration page.

9) Against the radio mode select the repeater option.

10) Now in remote AP name click AP scan and choose the master wifi | router isn.

11) Now just enter the password of wifi and click the apply settings option.

12) Boom! You are all set to boost the wifi signal.

Follow this link to know your IP address .

Frequently Asked Questions

By following these simple steps you can make Wifi signal boost.

Just pursue the trick and you will use the old router as repeter.

1)Connect your PC to the first router via WiFi. 2) Open 192.168. ...