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Are you looking for the scopes of graphic design in India .Then this is the right place .Everything is designed in the world websites ,YouTube thumbnails , etc. You have many doubts like Is graphics design a good career or is it a dying field. In this article I’m not going to sugarcoat anything regarding graphic design and will give you How to learn Graphic design by your own👩‍🎨


First of all if you love to draw, do art and do illustrations You need to know the graphic design 🎨 involves much more than just illustrations. Which is just a fraction of the skills and some designers don’t even use illustration though it is really helpful for logos. Graphic design is not only aiming to make something pretty but also solving problems ⚠️ in a visual way.


1.Attract people to read whatever you are designing

2.Thick skin when clients or coworkers provide criticism

3.Learn from the rejection and redirect to be a best designer

4.Familiarity with design software and technologies(such as InDesign , illustrator, Dreamweaver, photoshop)

5.Excellent communication skills

6.A keen eye of aesthetic and details

7. A strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics.



This includes spacing , colors , typography , the placement of elements on the pages and understanding why your doing all these elements and why certain designs are good and certain designs are bad.Before going to programs you should clear the fundamentals For this you have different online free courses available from coursera, edX , Udemy etc..


This is usually the Adobe Creative cloud the suite of Adobe programmes which includes Adobe InDesign , Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.Indesign is specific to print designs layouts and brochures.Adobe illustrator is used to create logos’.It won’t lose clarity while scaling into big or small size.Whereas photoshop is another that is very versatile in photo editing .But it is pixel based .You want to choose which one is best for you and understanding each one of these different programs is vital.


Join Facebook groups and communities of designers this is a great resource for other people who are experienced to help you .This is a resource where can ask questions and there’s no stupid questions in most of these groups people want to help and they are there to help you out by giving some advice and tips to you.


Now that you understand the basics of design and you understand the programme .You can get going with some sample projects. One of the best place to look for inspiration is Pinterest. They always have some awesome, content .You can categorize it such as logos. You can put ads or other kinds of designs so that when you are practicing logos , you can go to logo board and find that you like. Then go to illustrator and really dissect. How did they create that? And maybe you can look up a tutorial on it and just stick with that one logo until you master it.


Choose your most interested area. This could be logos or it could be flyers or package design. May be in doing practice projects you had a specific one that you were most drawn to working. Then really focus on that and make up some sample company names and company projects that you can do from scratch yourself .Work thoroughly on your interested area and master it.


When you are creating a website the top image that part above the fold.You need to captivate your audience in the first 3 seconds.Otherwise they will be out of there you got to show a really awesome design image and give them a few words that capture their attention .Something that will communicate to your target audience 

Try out the following steps and become a best graphic designer by your own .Which is a much important area with plenty of job opportunities.👥

Frequently Asked Questions

In short,graphics design is one of the best careers you can choose

Graphics design doesn't require professional drawing skills