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Every new generation of wireless networks delivers faster speeds and more functionality to our smartphones.1G brought us very first cell phones which can only communicate through calls. 2G made a space for texting as well. 3G brought us online and delivered the speed that we enjoy today. But as more users come online 4G networks have just about reached the limit of what they are capable for. Users want more data for their smartphones and devices. Now we are headed to 5G which is the wireless of the next generation. We can explore now what makes the 5G extra famous.

What is 5G?

5G will be able to handle a thousand times more traffic than today’s network and it will be up to 10 times faster than 4G LTE. Just imagine downloading an HD movie in under a second and let your imagination run wild. 5G will be the foundation for virtual reality, autonomous driving, The internet of things(if you want more details please go through my earlier article .please don’t think as a self promotion)and things we can’t even imagine.


🎃 The 4G network responds to our commands in just under 50 milliseconds But 5G take around one millisecond 400 times faster than a blink of the eye.

🎃 5G will also provide a much more personalized web experience using a technique called network slicing

🎃 5G works in a frequency with much larger bandwidths(band known as sub 6)

🎃 4G could only master about 200megabits per second while 5G can handle up to 1 gigabit on up low latency.

🎃 In a given square kilometer 4G could only manage to connect about 1/10 the number of devices as 5G can connect more than that.


While we are watching an interesting video suddenly buffering starts and most probably at the right corner of your phone signals are diminishing one by one📶. You will get irritated for sure. Also while you are playing a high MB game, speed is a very mandatory thing. For all these worries 5 G network is a big solution. We can even download high resolution movies within seconds. The need of smartphone get increased with the entry of 5G network. Also self driving cars 🚘requires high data and speed for driving, this can be solved by 5G network.



The infrastructure needed for 5G is far more costly and difficult to install .It would require new towers supporting massive MMIO, additional base stations and new devices supporting 5G technology. This process is going to be slow and will introduced heterogeneously across different regions because of the various regulation existing in every regions


The current LTE phones will obviously support 5G because millimeter was and the device which do support 5G needs more than on antenna. In practice the devices which do supports 5G Needs 4-5antenas.Modem that supports 5G such as X50 from Qualcomm which would make the device bulky and uncomfortable, for usage


The initial devices and data plans for 5G going to be extremely costly. Even though, that is how it is for any new technology with smartphones already coasting 50,000rupees increasing the rate further with the entry of 5G network


There are studies which show that there is a significant impact done by millimeter waves in the health of birds and other animals. It also talks about the ecological impact that 5G will bring


This is a highly controversial and highly debated topic and at the same time one of the most important. Typically those radio waves which have frequency around 70 million gear Hertz or more called ionizing radiation. This radiation have the power for knocking electrons from human body this causing DNA damage and eventually leasing to cancer.


In a nutshell we can say that 5G will be our future companion. We desire now for more faster internet and high data these needs will definitely satisfied by the upcoming 5G network. More time could be saved by us. The coming world will be free from buffering and slow downloading .Yeah future of 5G network is not so longer. Let us wait for that era.

Frequently Asked Questions

5G is here but so far,it's a little underwhelming still,that should change as more cities come online and more 5G services become.available

There are two different types of 5G and early phones will work with only one or the other .5G won't really be any faster for now.