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Millions across the globe are feeling the effects of Corona virus outbreak .The stock market has plummeted store shelves are often bare of essential items . The Covid -19 make a spur in technological needs. But it also affected the Technology .Let is analyze How this pandemic outcome the world of technology.


🔴Depending on which side of the tech industry they exist the corona virus spurt is either a boon or bane of a company’s business. As companies urged their employee to work from home. Those employees turn to as like zoom, Google meet etc. For videoconferencing and slack for communication. As you can imagine zoom and slack are doing relatively well presently.

🔴Likewise as people opt to or are forced to stay home 🏠 They may turn to delivery services like door -post mates and instacart. To get food and supplies without having the risk exposing themselves. 

đź”´These tech companies also continue to thrive naturally as those bound to their homes to seek entertainment to pass the long hours streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, prime video and YouTube will likely see an increase (in fact proportional to avoid cases number of YouTube channels also increasing).

đź”´Travelling is declining booking sites like Expedia, kayak and Travelocity are seeing a sharp decline in new business and a notable uptick on cancellations.

🔴Coronavirus also have an effect on the tech hardware business and it all comes down to a term. We rely on everyday without necessarily understanding it or being actively aware of it’s supply chain. The brand name on the front of a phone, laptop or TV only tells who designed It assembling all the parts is a complicated web of contractors, subcontractors and warehouses which go completely unseen. For example there is indeed a factory that makes TVs but that factory doesn’t necessarily make the T.V screen the screen is made by another factory , the processing chip is made at a different factory. You got the idea right? All are interconnected .If one factory shuts down the entire system will fall apart 

🔴Apple has already indicated it will likely not be able to make a sufficient supply of it’s smart phones for the year .We didn’t expect that it to be true of other smartphone makers as well .Likely see a shorter supply of goods like TVs , washers , driers etc. The shortfall won’t be felt immediately but the spike in prices will feel shortly.



🔶Increased requirement of gadgets such as smartphone, Television, laptops etc.

🔶Online education increased the need of certain educational applications 

🔶Meetings and interactive sessions are done with the help of meeting aps such as zoom etc.

🔶There will be a heavy usage of mobile data and network 


🔶Proper marketing can’t be done

🔶Extra shipping charges requires for availability of gadgets

🔶Unavailability of material and increase in the requirement

🔶Increasing the price of every commodity


Today we are suffocating in the Covid pandemic. The whole world is frozen in front of this 60nm sized corona virus. Everyone is caged inside the houses. Technologically in some areas there is a huge profit and in some areas there is loss also mainly in the production of gadgets. High coast items that perhaps less prone to be hoarded but as we all endure this coronavirus even. We should be prepared for our typical consumer based behaviors to change at least a bit. Now amid crises like everything technology also suffering pros and cons during lockdown. Let us see whether the pandemic prolongs or ends with a vaccine.

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Never technology is rising in this covid -19 crisis and requirements of techies also increasing