Google likely to launch AirDrop feature in August

4 years ago

Google is rumoured to launch its Apple AirDrop-like feature in August for the Android users. The new feature by the google will work pretty much like ShareIt, the app that has been banned by the government of India. So today I will tell you about some rumors of the google's all new AirDrop file sharing app.

The AirDrop is a file-sharing feature that lets Apple users send and receive pictures, videos and other important files. Google was rumoured to come up with an AirDrop rival and seems like it is finally happening.

Some reports have confirmed that Google is done testing the Nearby Share feature and might release it in the next month.

According to reports, the AirDrop-like feature would be called the Nearby Share tool. It is currently available in the Beta version and it will run on Android 6 and newer.

Earlier this month, after months of speculations and rumours, Google had confirmed that it is developing the Nearby Share feature. "We’re currently conducting a beta test of a new Nearby Share feature that we plan to share more information on in the future. Our goal is to launch the feature with support for Android 6+ devices as well as other platforms," Google told Android Police confirming the same.

The Nearby Share will let Android devices exchange files and folder similar to how Apple lets its devices iPhone, iPad, and Mac to exchange files and folders without any hassles.

Developers have got their hands on the beta version of the feature and they have reported that in order to send or receive anything, you will have to first switch the Nearby toggle on.

Users can then send pictures, videos, files and other folders simply by tapping the share button, Nearby Share will show you the list of users who have the nearby feature on in their Android devices.

Nearby Share feature, users will get many controls like you can control whether you want to receive files from anyone in the vicinity or just by the contacts that have been added to your phones.

Users do have the option of sending files to people who are not added to their contact list. However, if you don’t wish to be discovered by just about anyone, you can make the changes using the toggle in the Quick Settings menu.

However, in order to maintain security and privacy, a user will first need to accept whether he wants to receive files from a particular device. Only when the approval is granted, users can receive files from another device. This would help in barring unnecessary interactions with unknown contacts.

There has been no confirmed dates for the release of this application. This application will be compatible with both windows and Mac users.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is confirm date for the launch of app, but it will launched by in the month of August.

This app will be for both Mac and Android users.