Google Fi Doubles The Data Limit Temporarily To 30 GB Per Month

2 years ago

As with major telecom companies, Google understands that during the Coronavirus pandemic, people spend more time on their phones and laptops. Google Fi has indefinitely increased its high-speed data limit to 30 GB per device to better satisfy the demand. Customers who have either a Flexible or Unlimited plan would have no extra charge for access to the data cap rise.

Flexible plan consumers usually have high-speed data of 15 GB, and this is a doubling of their usual limit. High-speed data would cost a further $10 per GB for the duration of the payment period after they hit the cap. Unlimited plan holders typically get 22 GB of full-speed data until their rates for the rest of the billing cycle are throttled down to 256 Kbps. Now, they are going to get maximum speeds before the mark of 30 GB is hit.

Google claims the changes are temporary, but there's no end date mentioned, because no one knows how long this pandemic is going to continue. Google revealed a redemption period on bills last month, meaning Fi consumers now facing financial distress can still have access to the tech giant's phone service for another 60 days after a bill has been unpaid.

People use more data when socially distancing to remain linked with friends and family, work remotely, continue schooling, and other purposes. Other companies took similar action. Late March, Verizon announced that it would provide 15 GB of extra data to all its mobile subscribers, AT&T announced that it would waive some late payment fees, and T-Mobile abolished mobile data limits for all users in addition to offering 20 GB of extra hotspot capacity to its subscribers.