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4 years ago

No you don't have to download it through torrents

Now a days,people those who don't have access to the Netflix and Amazon Prime account try to download series through the online torrents and end up by getting a virus attack in their systems.

Many websites used to find links to torrent files for downloading contents are serving million of visitors malware every month.

As per by Security Affairs ,the firms latest research claims that 800 popular torrent websites served malware to visitors through ads and the download of malicious files .

So to download web-series safely, we can download it by using using G-Drive Link (Google-Drive Link) which is much safer than downloading it from torrents

You have to follow 7 easy steps to download web-series.

STEP-1: In search engine type "HDMovies hub" and it will look like

STEP-2: Now after opening the link you will see a web series toggle down menu bar.Select the Latest Netflix or Amazon Prime

STEP-3 Now you will get result of all the latest updated web-series.For example you want to watch 'Money Heist',which is a famous Netflix web-series.Click on the series.

STEP-4: You will be directed to page where by scrolling down, you will find HD Movies links to download the web series in 480 p,720 p and 1080 p. Now select the quality you want to download.

STEP-5:Now by selecting the quality you will be directed to a new page and you will get the GDrive Server links of every episode of a season.(Make sure that new directed page is having URL:

STEP-6:Click on the GDrive link to download.By clicking you will be directed to a HDMOVIES HUB SERVER and here you will get the final DOWNLOAD link.

STEP-7:Click on the Download link. And your movie will start downloading directly from the GDrive .Similarly download all the episodes in HD quality.

I have never purchased an account on Netflix or Amazon Prime.I have been enjoying watching all the latest web-series in HD qualityby downloading it from this site.Its really a better option than torrents.So go and enjoy watching!!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get the latest web series within 3-4 days after the release.

Yes,dual audio option is available.And english movies with subtitles are also available